Monday, September 5, 2011

Randomly random

Jeng jeng jeng!
FREE TuneTalk Sim Card!
Woke up early in the morning get this parcel , awesome!
The number is private , only few people I text or mayb make prank call? 
Just kidding!

Counting down 5 days back to Penang.
The feeling is complicated. 
When I back to my hometown , I feel dry N wanna go back to Penang.
But now I just wanna stay beside my family more N more.
Make the time stops here can?
This minute I just feel like I don't want to move on yet.

Who wanna go jogging with me?
I jog everywhere but seldom see girls go jogging.
Not a trend? Who cares?!
I just wanna be healthy. 
Stay at Terengganu , nothing much to be spent but lotsa activities you can do.
Spending precious time with family , jogging & yoga.

Did a pedicure too!
Teehee , now my toes all wearing colorful clothes!


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