Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ding Dong!
If I'm at home now , I'm a Cinderella who always needs to go home by 12.
Now I'm in Universiti Malaya , my eyes like Panda. 
Big contrast. Who cares?!
I wanna get things done :)

Day 1 of Youth Nation Summit 2011 just over.
Met who? 
You guys gonna shout out loud if I mentioned one by one.

Joel Neoh - CEO of Groupon Malaysia
Steve McCoy - Founder & Principal Counterpoint Consulting Sdn Bhd.
Julia Chong - Chief Executive Officer of The Truly Loving Company
Marina Mahathir - (needless to say, if you dunno her , screw you) 
A lot to be mentioned but I guess list as above enough to surprise you guys right?

They made Youth Nation Summit awesome! Being a delegate in YNS is definitely a good experience.
I forsee the coming few days gonna be more challenging. More and more knowledges are saying Hi to me!
Sometimes people said I blog too little N what I blog too simple.
Well , everyone has their own style. I like it simple and I blog the way I'm. 
Always remember I'm Paris.

Wanna see photos of Youth Nation Summit. Those are taken by using iPod.
Sorry for the blur images.

Let's move on to the main point of this post.
Nowadays you readers are technology savvy. Everyone owes an iPhone , iPod , Blackberry or laptop!
Facebook and Twitter are the most common social network which normally used by youngster or people from all walks of life.

Wanna know more and see more photos about Youth Nation Summit?
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