Friday, November 19, 2010

Plan wit Alvina babe before the exam ends!
reached thr at 12.30pm. met 8tv 8864 host and Hochiak's host too!
dun ask me happy o not coz i've no feelin when i met them. is too random.

breakfast + lunch = Brunch!
Sakae Sushi!
long time din meet this babe up! damn miss herrr..
shes wit her boyfren!

this is not enough. actually we hv eaten more than this! haha!
when delicious food serve in front of u , ur diet plan gone!
because you just cant resist them! :D

spent hours wit Alvina babe in the mall. planned to buy her a birthday present
bt we din shop well due to a dinner that she must attend - her bf's grandma birthday.
anyways , thanks to her bf for sakae sushi treat and we also managed to watch SKYLINE! thankiuuuu
more outing ?? i think yes for me n her!

after I stepped into my room not more than 15mins , my darlinss called me for the nx outing!
now I noe why many people said my life is so happenin! =D

Azuma - dinner

didnt spend a cent in 17th Nov coz many people treated me! happy gal Im!

Coffee Island
not yet settled down to have a cup of Coffee , off to cinema!

watched LET ME IN wit Jayslyn darlin's frensss! damn scary

18th November 2010

okay! I know wat u guys tryin to say : Queensbay again?!
alright . this is nt my idea but new movie has released. it is a waste if I din watch it !
HARRY POTTER part1 @ Queensbay wit
April , SueAnn , Zoe , Eugene and Jerwin

watched part1. cant wait for part2! c'mon! faster release!

Converse Sales
shopping mode : ON

bought this bag! bought it wit April together.
now we have same shoes , same bag! muahhh

new love

19th NOV 2010


Filled up petrol thn our journey starts!
Gurney Plaza is our 1st station. hehe!
Ati darlin had an appointment - facial
shes very good in enjoyin her life. I shud learn from her..

we were all starvin n lost in the half way.
went McD drive-thru to ask for de right direction.
left, right , left , right , go straight!
my head was spinnin!
within 15mins , we arrived at our destination.


me . pepper chicken & spaghetti

leona . honey garlic chicken & spaghetti

ati . mushroom chicken & spaghetti

chocolate brownies is the boooomb! 2 thumbs up!

their service is good , the ambience is nice , the food is delicious.

Jom Shoppin!
bought a pair of new shoes! hehe!
Ati darlin straight away wore her new shoes!

Jelutong Night Market. :D

Since our 20bucks petrol still havent finished , Queensbay we went as our final destination!
sounds so scary huh?!
Movie : Unstoppable
the story line is awesome. It did scare me few times. I was wondering how they produce such quality movie! haha! 9bucks for this movie is worth!
came out from cinema , was rainin cats n dogs outside!
we straight away ran to our car w/o umbrella! dang!

brunch , dinner , why not supper!
hot tea to keep ourselves warm!

♥ roti tissue ♥

maggie goreng - my favourite! chun!

this few days , damnnnn exhausted. outings came to me non stop.
not i dun wan to reject bt this is the time to know more abt ur fren.
y not give myself a try to hang out with more frenss instead of my coursemates n others?

thanks ati darlin for givin me a call to ask me out!
thanks leona too for always say yes to my plan abt going anywhere!
thanks habiren for the treat! nx time we go again!
thanks Jessie & Tze I for always bringing me to taste delicious food n badminton pratice
thank you so muchiiiiee!
I'm so hang fuk!! : )

ifeelannoyedwhen u simplyleaveharshcomment.

love ,