Saturday, March 12, 2011

I felt so sorry for always abandoning my blog. 
Sorry readers. 

Now wana have a lil update.
Today is LC USM EGM. 
There are 2 candidates who are brave enough and prepared well for their future journey.
Glad to see that. 
Congratulations to Gan Merlin ( my previous make-up artist ) that she managed to get herself go for another step! Interview! 

Hoooray! Hope shes enjoying her team day now.
Back from Seoul Garden. 
Brunch & Dinner combined in this Seoul Garden meal.
I feel so damn full now until I dont wanna move my ass. LOL.

No photos taken during having meal but for me it doesnt matter as long as we all together happily.
Without photos , we still feel warm to each other. Lotsa of joes from Ocean after meal , really made us LOL.
And the 'best' chef in Penang : Pax Tan cooked her homecook maggie in Seoul Garden really made our expression gone weird like nobody business!
No more next time! haha.

Alright. Tat's all for today. Gonna go to weddin shop again on Monday. Another shooting coming soon!