Saturday, November 6, 2010

raining day.
today is a productive day. 100% sure!
attn to all usm-ers : 7th Nov 2010 - last day of study week

tml is my 1st paper day. 9am! wish me luck!
*damn nervous,hands shiverin*

here's come the end if 1st sem. anything happened remain in this sem.
next sem will be a good starting. happiness follow me please! :D

although study mode is ON but still need something to be around..
ignore bed's callin , say hi to biscuits!

Oreo's lil bro - Cream-O

bought it after had lunch wit pharma frensss ^^^

besides study , i need entertainment too!
speakers turn out loud!
facebook still the best company..
tweetttt the bird i do!

had a long chattin session wit lovely cousin from Melb , Aus.

Priscilla Hew
loves to chat wit her
loves to shop wit her
loves to be around wit her
is been a century we didnt meet up! miss YOU alot! *muacksss*
through the chat , we just realized tat we grown up and we ady have our own lifestyle
but ONE thing that cant change us is our heart!
we belong to each other!


trash or not to trash is my own business.
dun like dun visit.
trash ppl in facebook oso de same as trash ppl in blog
u've out of my life
stranger you're.
i love my uni fren. only form6 frens are my bestie
u're wrong fren.
get out.screw u . thx.
the one still din chg is u.

love u ,