Saturday, November 20, 2010

16th OCTOBER 2010

Those subjects whc drove me mad were gone forever! hehe!
everyone can see my pretty face wit a big big smile on it! muahxx!
im in very good mood now!

blogging is a must for me to do now. Im using blogger to record down my daily life
everythin I can share , every moment I pass , every fren I mix wit..
oh , this is lovely. dont think ur stuff. read my blog wit ur relaxin mind!

hanged out wit a bunch of loveliesss right after exam.
It was raining heavily but our plan still ON!
so we off to Queensbay to enjoy! yooohoooo

1st station is TGIF. we were starvin bcoz of ykt102. :/

when Habiren saw this , she said : c , bruce lee is looking at us! OMGee

Leona & Chocolate
p/s : we get close bcoz we tweetbird each other alot! thx tweetdeck!

Paris & Habiren
p/s : this is a fate. tall ppl must be accompanied by short ppl. no choice! :D

attn : above 4 photos are the models for TGI Friday :)

while waitin the food to be served , we took lotsa pichasss.

BBQ Chicken Salad

Sizzling Chicken & Cheese! chun! 2 thumbs up!

Prawn Spaghetti *forgot the complete name*

Four of us hungraaayyy like hell! We managed to finish all!

after TGIF , we went to SoyaBean shop whc located beside TGIF!
They sell SoyaBean Ice-cream! If u'r free , should have a try. It only costs u Rm2!
shopping to digest the food so that we can move on to another station. : )
and yeah..
we went to J.Co! Yogurt Ice-cream! yummy~


their love =.="

this is what we called budak masa kini! bu san bu shi

before we went back to USM , picha for this big family must be taken! X)

got a call from Ben. off to Pelita after tat.
Accidentally saw people fightin. *shocked*

Wilson Ng - lame joker.

Teng & Ben : lovely couple.

lalalaalalallaalaal. 17, 18 nov will be on next post!