Friday, February 18, 2011

I feel excited.
I feel effing HIGH.
I feel Tonight is gonna be a good good night!

let's have drumrolls to welcome this event in my blog.




OHSOME right?

is Global Village as I've mentioned many times to my friends and I'm now in charging of publicity and communication with my biatch Yueh Lee together.
Is 19 February 2011
Dont miss it or else you'll regret for the rest of your life. LAUGH.

Through Global Village , you're given the chance to travel the world without using passport.
Those countries we have are Australia , Japan , China , Russia , Vietnam , Egypt , Taiwan and others.
Still hesistating about your attendance? 
Dont think twice! Come and join us tonight. Lotsa fun and prizes are waitin for you to grab them home!

Tickets? We've now. It only costs you RM2. By paying RM2 , not just travelling we provide but costume modelling competition we also have!!! Sounds so awesome?
For more information , you can find us in facebook too.

see ya,
Got this flower from a guy during Valentine's Day :)
Everyone was curious whether is my bf gave to me or not..
The answer is :


My lovely coursemate Victor :D

Have a nice day people.