Thursday, December 30, 2010


halo world! Finally I'm back to my lovely and sweet world to provide u all memorable pichas :D
Let's make some introduction first. those picha below were the cards I made for delegates of MYLDS.
Those cards can be used as bookmark and they are limited edition *syok sendiri*

******** ta da da da *********


 E= MC2

 colourful snow

 under bridge

 tic tac toe

 sweet garden

 Newton's tree

 hey , Aiesec!

 Merry Christmas

 love ice-cream

 only coffee , no redbull


 where's the love?

 I love You



 christmas hat

sugar cubes for people

love them? You can place your order through my chatbox! haha!
lotsa interesting post will be coming up next! stay tuned readers! :)
I'll serve you guys a great blog.
Sorry for late wishes 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year