Monday, November 8, 2010

First Day Of Finals : )

is the first day of my finals!

Im quite happy right now! I meant this moment becoz i've done the most difficult paper in my life.

Tomorrow is another killin subject! ART! Gonna start my revision after this!

Had a nice bonding session wit Leona right after the test at Rotibakar! We chat until we didnt want to move! *ass stick to de chair*

Shes a nice , friendly and crazy friend to chat wit , club wit! Shes my partner in crime!
She can dance pretty welll! phweeeeeetttttt!

We're going to join a dancing competition in next year! hoorayyy! cant wait to stand on the STAGE!

first paper : )
5 essays in 2 hours!

clap clap clap!! Miss Leona in Paris's blog!
I want clubbin wit u again!!


Something happened last few days , w/o thinking too much ,
i found my 2 darlings to talk abt tat!
I'm glad that they're always be there for me whenever I need them!
So sweet of u two! thanks!

Chiasing darlin! heart her to de max!
Im so sad that hols i cant meet her!
have a conference to attend! : (

Naima! Hoo darlin!
i damn miss u too!
will meet u up after my finals! hehe!
One of my friends said my blog is simple! well , thanks!
Life's complicated , let's make the blog simple.
Hope you'll keep visiting it.

after art paper , you'll be fine!
be tough , paris!