Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5th January 2011
The application of Local Committee USM Executive Board 2011/2012 has officially closed.
Congrats to myself that I took my first step out to apply for Local Committee Vice President.
You'll never know how I feel until you're in same condition with me.

Seriously , I lack of confidence when I was answering the questions.
 I couldn't understand well and I kept asking seniors. :(
Felt disappointed with myself for being so vague.

Now the application form is sent. What I've to do now is prepare for next process of this application.
Heart bumping fast fast fast 
Friends around me only know I'm busy with AIESEC but never understand my situation.
I cant bother that much , I just know I need to enjoy my life.
DO watever I LIKE , I feel HAPPY.

Christmas in Sunway

bought a maxi dress from Kitschen and some clothes frrom Romp.
Time rushing so couldn't shop much. :/

His name is Micky. like him?
He barks when he wants to play. HAHA.

Done with application. Now have to focus back on my studies. Tonnes of assignments.
Feel like puking :/ anyways , food will lighten my study life.

New Year Eve Celebration in Melaka.
Promised you guys there will be more interesting post. Here you are. 
I dont know whether it is interesting for you or not but for me - wonderful :)

What's your New Year resolution? 
tell me in Facebook! I wanna know!

Now is time to let the pichas do the talk.
 I'm physically and mentally exhausted due to some undone stuff and tonnes of assignments.
Because this sudden trip  , I spent RM74 to buy Nice bus ticket.
 It wasnt that high class also , for me still very normal.

 Anson , bi :) , Royce

 Puri Bali

 The most famous Chicken Rice in Malacca! Have to queue up for 30mins just to taste it!

 LOL. nok kena sebat!

sate celup at Jalan Ong Kim Wee 

Not much photos taken due to the reason I was using my Aino , only 8.1 mp! :(
For more photos , please visit my profile la! haha!

Everyone starts their new sem with everything in new condition. This doesnt exclude me! 
This sem I've a new room-mate. Dont know is a good or bad news for me? I let you to judge. 
I'm jealous when I saw most of my friends went shopping to buy new year clothes but I've to stay in room settle my stuff! :( 
I wan shopping desperately. 
This coming thursday I must go shopping just to clear my shopping list. *excited*
Oooppss , I think I forgot to blog about my holiday! 
Forgive me? I'm trying hard to blog in this few days. 


 my biatch - Hong Q
dont look down at her tiny size! She's a pro kaki botol. See properly whats she holding!
Open ur eyes bigger! 
Whiskey :D

DimSum for the first day of class. thanks Jayslyn for fetching!
Great breakfast in new sem! 

Now I've to announce that my Monday blue! My timetable full on Monday. :S
Anyone wanna ask me out on Monday. so sorry! Rejection made. 
1.26am. time to bed. nite lovelies :)