Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ding Dong!
If I'm at home now , I'm a Cinderella who always needs to go home by 12.
Now I'm in Universiti Malaya , my eyes like Panda. 
Big contrast. Who cares?!
I wanna get things done :)

Day 1 of Youth Nation Summit 2011 just over.
Met who? 
You guys gonna shout out loud if I mentioned one by one.

Joel Neoh - CEO of Groupon Malaysia
Steve McCoy - Founder & Principal Counterpoint Consulting Sdn Bhd.
Julia Chong - Chief Executive Officer of The Truly Loving Company
Marina Mahathir - (needless to say, if you dunno her , screw you) 
A lot to be mentioned but I guess list as above enough to surprise you guys right?

They made Youth Nation Summit awesome! Being a delegate in YNS is definitely a good experience.
I forsee the coming few days gonna be more challenging. More and more knowledges are saying Hi to me!
Sometimes people said I blog too little N what I blog too simple.
Well , everyone has their own style. I like it simple and I blog the way I'm. 
Always remember I'm Paris.

Wanna see photos of Youth Nation Summit. Those are taken by using iPod.
Sorry for the blur images.

Let's move on to the main point of this post.
Nowadays you readers are technology savvy. Everyone owes an iPhone , iPod , Blackberry or laptop!
Facebook and Twitter are the most common social network which normally used by youngster or people from all walks of life.

Wanna know more and see more photos about Youth Nation Summit?
Tweet me! I ain't a tweetybird but I'll tweet you back for sure.

Do what as the image mentioned. Follow me in Twitter @ParisWeichen

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Experience with Sony Cyber Shot

Hello KL!
Now currently at Aunt Carol's house.
Anyone free to bring me out for a sweet escape?

Well well well , back to this topic! My experience with SONY Cyber Shot :)
I'm so gonna blog about it! Hooray!
Honestly to say , I'm blogger who dont really blog about photos. I'm more to wordsss.
A word speaks my feeling. But now different.
I wanna fill my blog with more artistic and clear photos.
As a blogger , we know what readers need! 

Today is my lucky day? I shall nominate it as Paris's lucky day.
Won a goodie bagwhich worth RM100 from SONY because of a post & because I'm a blogger too.
Thanks to Jazz the YouthJam founder. 

SONY is my choice!

That's all from me! How about you readers?
Let SONY knows about you more! Show them your pictures by using SONY's camera. 
I bet they love to see. 

For more information , click My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot :)
You'll not regret by clicking it. 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

So sick so sick so sick so sick so sick!
Came back from Penang is been a while and yet I'm still jobless.

Feel damn useless but what to do? Who or which company wanna hire me?
26th going to kl till July only come back to my turtle island. 
My working hours shorter than the leave I wanna take.LOL

Luckily mom & dad are okay but neighbours are the one who pushed me go to find job. 
Please lahhh! I started my working life since form3 , never stopped till I entered university. 
I need a break too. Fresh air comes to me plss.

How do readers define h-o-l-i-d-a-y-s ?
My holidays equiped with HEALTH! Yoga , Gym & Jogging.
Couldn't miss out any of it in holidays. I know this is good for my health and I dont wanna be a lazy lady in this world. Not my style. Needless to say , if you're my friend , you know me well :)

Oh yeah! Try to scroll up. That's a pic of me up there. 
Taken by Redang boss when I went to visit the so-called car/motorbike/viva show.
He thought I'm model? He kept asking me to take photo with mini cooper and even asked me to sit in his own mini cooper. HAHA. Of course he did what guys usually do. Ask for email address next!
I told him many times my name is Paris. Ended up he sent to me those photos by tagging Racheal Tan.
Dang ><. Anyways , a thank for him too :)

Till the world ends - Britney Spears before heading for lunch. Chill people! 


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today is 5th May 2011 . Yesterday was 4th May 2011.
Yesterday was my birthday. Today I'm officially an adult. A woman?

Received lotsa wishes and surprises too. Totally like a princess of the year!
I'm a Taurus girl who never wanted any bad things happen in my 365days every year. 
Even it did happen , let's throw this chip away and install a new one.

Yesterday done my French test earlier an hour before then off to Queensbay with coursemates.
After having brunch , got a call from Joee stated Batu Feringghi is the next station so went back hostel and packed important thing and off to beach!

O! Is been months I didn't touch the sands , feel the sea breeze like I used to do before entering uni.
Had a really fantastic day at the beach with the gals. Peklin , Sabrina , June & Joee , thanks ya!
Couple hours later , searched a hotel to fill our tummy up. Hungry!
A royal buffet only costs us RM19.90 nett. We keep ordering food non stop.
Dinner time is absolutely a great timing to do bonding session.

Reached home at 10.30pm. For me , the night is still young and is my big day. How could I  dare to waste the rest of time like stucking in the room? Clubbin next stop!
Off to MOIS at 12am and met friends over there. They shouting out loud Happy Birthday to me by my ears.
Hang-fuk that everyone did remember my birthday. Thanks.

Tomorrow is my last paper of this sem. Hate to sit for exam coz it is cold in the exam hall.
Besides this , this sem we all gonna say goodbye to seniors. They're going to graduate soon.
Happy to see they have ended their education journey and going to start another new chapter but at the same time we're sad that the chance to meet up is getting lesser. What to do? Always remind ourselves to keep in touch with everyone no matter how. :)
Anyways , I do wish all my seniors have a super duperb bright and successful future. 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Happy birthday to me. I'm here proudly announced that I'm now officially 21.
Forever21 <3
Love myself more than before. Thanks everyone for the wishes , cake & presents.

Thanks my dear Leona Sinmun be the first who wished me then followed by Victor & Christine Kok.
Terima Kasih banyak banyak to my coursemate Victor. He waited me at cafe half an hour just to give me this surprise like he used to give.OMG!
I'm so touched. He bought me Raspberry Cheese Cake. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Gonna do last revision for my French! See , even French test also fall for the same day as my birthday.
So Paris! :)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

I see fireworks! :P
Picha above is me & my dalring - Jacq
And yeah we went to Hennessy Artistry as I've mentioned in previous post.

Lotsa photos have been taken but due to some reasons , we keep them as private! :)
Search more video of Hennessy Artistry @ Voodoo Penang in youtube. I guess?


Sweet love, sweet love
Trapped in your love
I've opened up, I'm sure I can trust
My heart and I were buried in dust
Free me, free us
You're all I need when I'm holding you tight
If you walk away I will suffer tonight

I found a man I can trust
And boy, I believe in us
I am terrified to know for the first time
Can you see that I'm bound in chains?
I've finally found my way

I am bound to you
I am bound to you

So much, so young, I've faced on my own
Walls I built up became my home
I'm strong and I'm sure there's a fire in us
Sweet love and so pure
I catch my breath with just one beating heart
And I embrace myself, please don't tear this apart

I found a man I can trust
And boy, I believe in us
I am terrified to love for the first time
Can't you see that I'm bound in chains?
I've finally found my way

I am bound to you
I am bound to you

Suddenly the moment's here
I embrace my fears
All that I have been carrying all these years
Do I risk it all? Come this far just to fall?

I have entrusted and boy, I believe in us
I am terrified to love for the first time
Can you see that I'm bound in chains?
And finally found my way

I am bound to you
I am, ooh I am
I'm bound to you