Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bonjour :)

Attended French class! Jaeda & me purposely wore 'I Love Paris' tee to the class.
Successfully attracted lecturer to see our tee! HAHA.

After class , I had a crush on my shopping list so I dont care whoever , watever , whenever off to Queensbay.
Settled my shopping list. You can see my smile now :D
I aint shopaholic but Chinese New Year is around the corner and I gonna release my stress.
Shopping alone is the best. You can simply go into any shops you wan without worrying whether your friends will get sick of it o not.

Girls , sudah shopping? If you havent bought any new clothes for Chinese New year , please do it now!
Sales!!! Big SALES!!!

silly face when saw '70%' discount! XD
ignore me. :/

not to forget. thanks to Ting Zeng for treating me this as my lunch :)

Tomorrow whole day free. HEHE. I've a plan.. shhh

1. Do revision of my French.
2. Clean my room AGAIN.
3. Have a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE and do readings.
4. Do assignments
5. Chat with the loved one.
6. AIESEC online forum. *be prepared*

Now is time to sleep. Good nite world.