Monday, November 29, 2010

Just had my breakfast!

hey readers , hows ur holiday? 
mine quite bored coz i used to work part time during holiday but now I cant find any part time job due the period that I'll staying in my hometown only 2 weeks! :/

Nvm , is okay! Friends said stay at home to feel home sweet home is better!
They said i should give myself a rest! well , this is a good advice!

no photos will be uploaded for this comin few posts coz im lazy to do so! Maafkan saya!
I got my passport like finally!! damn excited. cant wait to go Singapore with a bunch of friends!

Read friends' blog is better than doing nothing! I've read Jessica's blog and I found a blog which is sellin ready-made or any custom made art projects! 
Cozy Place
now I'n here to share u guys bcoz I found it is nice blog to be shared!
click here :Joops

alright. thats all! tata!