Thursday, June 23, 2011

I ain't an idiot who just ask for love everyday.

I ain't drunk.

I'm just a little girl who want to be loved by everyone who knows me.

No boyfriend is not a big deal.

Best friends around are the best of the best.


Monday, June 20, 2011

P for Precious

How far you can go?

This question always appear in my mind in whatever I'm gonna do.
After attended Youth Nation Summit , Green Agent Summit and National Convention , I just started to believe that I can actually do something out of my expectation.

For me , Paris is just an ordinary girl who always go shopping & day-dreaming that she'll meet her white horse prince. Sounds like a kid right? LOL
I might look mature but in my heart N for my parents I'm still a kid no matter how.

Honestly to say , I live with no expectation since I was young.
I live without worrying anything.
I live with whatever I wan by just saying out to my parents but still something they can afford.
They said I'm lucky and yeah I know. 
I appreciate what I'm having now. 
From kindergarten till high school , all is planned by my parents. I'm just a follower.
But after entering university , making a choice isn't about make & do anymore.
Sometimes it means more than that. Never noticed?
Life- Changing is one of the outcome of your choice making.

Having fun is always my expectation towards any conferences and events. But now not anymore.
I compared the expectation I wrote for the past and present. A big difference. Needless to say , I've grown up. Whether you notice or not , I personally realized about it. 

Step back and recall 2 years , 5 years and even 10 years back , I cried.
2 years back , I was a stubborn kid who always wanna get into working life. Purposely scored bad result just to make parents angry and let me make my own choice. Purposely went out till midnight so they'll scold me and give up on me. 
5 years back , I was still in form4. Quarrel and gossip with friends like nobody business. Played online game even is exam period.
10 years back , 11-year-old me was a good kid and elected as Ketua Kebersihan in class just to ensure all the students on duty to clean the classroom. 

Back to 2011 , I'm now Vice President of Outgoing Exchange in AIESEC USM.
 Who knows this will happen on me? Even myself also cant believe when I get to know I have been elected as and my first response was rushed to Queensbay Mall eat Sushi King. 
My parents know I'm joining this organisation but they never asked about the details and I think they noticed the change within myself.
I'm proud that they support me in whenever decision I make. And my fellow friends who always give me support whenever I'm down and stress over , thanks.

Start from this moment , I told myself I'm ready for the coming challenges. I know it is gonna be a difficult journey to go on but look back what I've done and now I prefer to look forward for the journey.
 I'm pretty sure the past makes the future of me.
I'm looking forward the brand new Paris.

Life isn't about love only but something to be achieved as a legend. 

I'm Paris , signing off 10.54pm.

love ,