Thursday, December 2, 2010

December is my favourite month! :)
Oh-la-la! my readers love december also right?

Everyday I heard the jingle bell! Am I crazy? 
I cant deny this but I do love Christmas every much.
My wishlist is superb long! Lotsa things come into my mind when I'm making it.
Guess wat? Money comes first. $_$

Merry Christmas 

Let's see what I did for my boring holiday. Planned to work but failed.
Who wants to hire a lady who only can work for 10 days? No one.
So , I spent most of my time in front of my lappie desktop for movie marathon.
Managed to finish Hong Kong drama : Lie To Me , Gong Zu Jia Dao
My favourite English drama : Gossip Girl
I never want to miss it!
 I grabbed my drinks and cococrunch and sit comfortably in front of desktop to watch it! :D

today's brunch!

Dad bought sis a brand new Canon ! 14.1 mp! oouchh! heartbroken T_T
But sis said she cant use coz dad keep using it to capture our 2 years old cousin  =S

my passport :)
going to Singapore after AIESEC conference. hoooray!!

lil update from me! :)