Thursday, January 27, 2011

 I smell Chinese New Year! *nose problem*
I'm so excited that later I can go home reunion!
Wonderful ? 

Last few days , I was super duper tired. Like an old lady.
But today I'm super duper happy. Know why right!

Yesterday kinda bad luck. All the brought to Pusat Mahasiswa to get a cop but they rejected to cop 
and asked me go HEPP to get permission then just come back.
Without hesistate so much , I went to HEPP to get the permission.
Just a question they asked , I immediately get a seat to sit down and waited there.
After few minutes , I got the cop!

Actually I was kinda upset that when I need help , I got no one there to lend their hands to me.
Fortunately , I learnt something from this lesson!
Never rely on others , must learn to be independent and always be critical thinking all the time!

If I was still 'me' , I really cannot imagine how angry can I be.
I believe we'll change. Change to be bad or good is all depends on ourselves.
I believe I've chosen the right path for myself.

Always tell myself to keep this energy , positive attitude & thinking all the time!

Bonne fete du nouvel an Chinois :D


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Charles & Keith
my new love 
Sorry guys for abandonin my blog for so looooong!
L.O.V.E event just over! Glad to see so many volunteers to be there for free hugssss*
I was one of the huggers. :)
Lotsa communities were there.
 This is the chance for us to know more and concern about things happen around.

I know now is only 10.42pm. I should stay awake instead of sleeping there.
After taken 30mins power nap , im still sleepy. I need more rest seriously.

Now let's see what I've been done for last weekend!

Taylor's Lakeside University 

When you first entered there , your mind sure will come out with 2 sentences.
" I dont think this is an university!"
" It looks like shopping mall more than university."
I might outdated a bit becoz I'm studying in local uni but not such uni!
Now I know why the fees of entering private universities so expensive! :)

MCVP election @ Taylor's

Congratulations to Jessica Loi , Wilson Ng Wai Soon , Guo Zhang & Omar ! They passed the election!

After done election , we off to Bel Pasto to have our dinner!

 highly recommended by lovely couple : Ben & Teng! Tiramisu
2 thumbs up!! :D

What was our supper after a heavy dinner?

have fun when reading?
Come visit my blog often! :)
I'll bring colours to your life.
Life's simple 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm done with him.
I'm sick of him.

thanks. I cant find any future between us.
I saw a full stop.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh yeah! Passed Monday blue by sleeping the whole evening!
Fever makes me down! Nose bleedin makes me even down!
Oh gosh , I wanna recover soon weiiiiii~

Last saturday 15th Jan was AIESEC election for Local Committee Vice President.
I'm one of the candidates. I couldn't deny that I was so nervous. 
My body was shaking during the process.
In order to get people to vote for me, I keep mentioning the seriousness that I've during work.
I wanna change people perception on me.

Results out after our dinner.
Get ready for those who passed VoC.
p/s : Water will be pour on you if you get selected.

Thanks for those who voted for me. Thanks for those who didnt vote for me.
I'll prove to you all.
The answer for me is YES! I passed VoC!!!!
Congrats to myself but at the same time I really wanna encourage those who didnt get it.
This doesnt mean you're not good , no matter how must keep moving on!

Although I already passed my VoC but there's still an interview to go thru after Chinese New Year.
Plans , Strategics , Structures all comes to me pls!
I need you all!

Time for breakfast! Dont skip breakfast readers! :)


Friday, January 14, 2011

I bought something.


this is what I bought for myself. Going to dye my hair this coming Sunday :)
Chinese New Year coming soooooooon *excited*

Today 15th Jan 2010 , I've a very important task to go thru. I need alot of supports!
Hope u readers always stand by my side. I dunno either my blog goin to be emo for next few weeks or something big to announce later.
I'm not a fortune teller. Cant even tell myself that I need to be strong.
Well , I just know I need to  try  do my best! 


Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm hurt. My tears keep dropping.
No one understand what I'm thinking about.
I couldn't find it in my dictionary. I think it has disappeared.
For the very first time , first morning , I feel myself so weak.
I cant fly :'(
Behind my smile , there are many tears.
Can you see it? 
I always bring hapiness to others , this time I wan some of them.
Can anyone of you gimme?

Assignments , organisation stuff all come to me at once , I can handle.
He comes to me , I turned myself from strong to weak.
This shouldn't happen. 

他的輕狂留在 某一節車廂
地下鐵裡的風 比回憶還重
對他唯一遺憾 是分手那天
我奔騰的眼淚 都停不下來
若那一刻重來 我不哭

我愛他 轟轟烈烈最瘋狂
我 的夢 狠狠碎過卻不會忘
曾為他 相信明天就是未來
情節有多壞 都不肯醒來
我愛他 跌跌撞撞到絕望
我的心 深深傷過卻不會忘
我和他 不再屬於這個地方
最初的天堂 最終的荒唐
如果還有遺憾 又怎麼樣呢
傷了痛了懂 了 就能好了嗎
我愛他 轟轟烈烈最瘋狂
我 的夢 狠狠碎過卻不會忘
逃 不開 愛越深越互相傷害
越深的依賴 越多的空白 該怎麼去愛
如果還有遺憾 是分手那天
我奔騰的眼淚 都停不下來
若那一刻重來 我不哭
is me?
Bonjour! Commet allez vous?
Is TGI Friday again...
Now my heart beating so fast.. heart attack soon?

Alright, I should stop crapping here. Back to my so-paris blog now.
Nowadays the weather is not so good , readers muz rmb to drink gallen of water and take good care!
This few days , Paris is kinda moody.

So off to TIC TAC TOE. It is a nice place to relax yourself.

lotsa magazines and comics can be found at here. Come and spend ur time if you're free! :)

Chocolate milk tea!!! thanks Teng for making me this. :)
Chocolate milk tea is not enough to cheer me up!
thanks Ben for teachin me. I'm a dumb. :s

For now , I only wish I could pass my EGM and go further!
Wish me luck for tomorrow Election.

feel like having all for now to boost my energy up.

bonne journee

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

here comes a lil update from Paris.
Currently at DK Foyer doing AIESEC Recruitment Drive.
Feel free to come and join us!
We have another info session on this coming Friday [14 Jan] at SK1.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

really wanna bomb myself now.
rushing 2 assignments + 2 presentation + speech + questionss 
wish me luck people! 

 New Year pressie from Joee :)

Congratulations! I got an award =D
my biatch Hong Q

pressie from AIESEC. Contribution award

We did 360 degree after GT0.
Through this 360 degree session , I can feel that we know each other better. 
Non-corporate relation GO GO GO! 
thanks for the compliments and critics. 
Glad to hear everyone's comment about myself.
Playful but still know how to differentiate whens the time to work and study!

Limited edition :)
bought this on de way back to hostel but seriously I've no time to read it.
gonna put it aside 1st. :(
No more Seventeen , time to CLEO.
Grow up people!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

familiar with this photo?
This is my current profile picture in Facebook.

If you look at this picture , whats your comment?
I was wondering why is everyone asking me that am I a model?
The answer is NO. I'm not but my partner in this photo Estevan Lee is a model.
*promoting him*
We're in the same French class for this sem!
Enchantë :D

got my answer? Then stop asking me whether I'm model or not. 


Another photo below here depicts how I celebrate my Christmas Eve.
Zi Ying & Jing Wei's weddin @ Tropicana Golf Resort.


LC DAY! When I heard of LC DAY , my eyes open wider!
hooorayyyy! time to release stress and enclose the bond between members!
dont you feel awesome like I did? :D

24 of us just like tourists went aroound Penang. 
We LAUGH  , EAT , TAKE PHOTOS together!
this is what I want? I want more than this for LC USM!

Let's check out our photos. I 'stole' them from my biatch's album. 
I think she doesnt mind this. HAHA.

Our 1st station is Fort Cornwallis. Then we had our lunch at Little India street , visited temple , church and park. Our final station was in Queensbay. 

It only costs us RM2 for the entrance fee. Is worth if u bring along ur camera.
The scene inside is just nice.

I love this photo to the max. Me & my biatch Hong Q!
New profile picture in Facebook? 

 whos this fella? Hes Ben. Our tour guide. Thanks to him! 
He did research about the places before he came!
Will you do that? I bet hes the only guy will do that. :)


 I'm so hang fuk hugging these 2 ladies.
 Left : Lilian from Kenya ; Right : June from Japan

 another lovely biatch that I sayang the most : Yueh Lee.
Her new camera cant keep that low profile after providing us many high quality photos.

 shes biatch?! of ocurse shes my biatch! Seokwei!
 Another pro photographer who always bully me then act innocent! Aha.

 Since Jessica Loi wasnt thr , then this photo is purposely dedicated to her!
Her signature! 

 this lil girl?! I''m sorry. Shes my senior. Not same course but ..
Echo Ham! cute? She has her own style. I likey.

 guess wats this? ROLLCALL from Uganda!
thanks to faci Frank Muthusi :D

Lilian & Paris :D
Lilian very friendly. wanna go shopping? call her out :P

To view more photos , please click awesome LC day

Tomorrow is 9th Jan 2010.
 I wish every candidates ( includin myself ) who run for the LCVP and LCP good luck!