Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yesterday was a superb happy day. 
Get praised by others that our team only 1st year but can did well for the WUS Expo!
Thanks. We'll keep this up. Well done is given to my group mates for making this expo well although during making decision had a lot of problems but no quarrel at all. Happy to see the level of maturity respectively from each of you. 

Nothing much to learn during WUS Expo but managed to earn money and cover up our sweets which did not  allow to sell. Wtf. 
After WUS Expo , 8pm OGX transitioning with Jess Loi at Starbucks.

Look at the pic above. :)
I dont really like the katest logo of Starbucks. Look sux. Prefer the old one. 

kay. Get back to my assignment before 5am. Gosh. Another sleepless night to be.