Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh yeah! Passed Monday blue by sleeping the whole evening!
Fever makes me down! Nose bleedin makes me even down!
Oh gosh , I wanna recover soon weiiiiii~

Last saturday 15th Jan was AIESEC election for Local Committee Vice President.
I'm one of the candidates. I couldn't deny that I was so nervous. 
My body was shaking during the process.
In order to get people to vote for me, I keep mentioning the seriousness that I've during work.
I wanna change people perception on me.

Results out after our dinner.
Get ready for those who passed VoC.
p/s : Water will be pour on you if you get selected.

Thanks for those who voted for me. Thanks for those who didnt vote for me.
I'll prove to you all.
The answer for me is YES! I passed VoC!!!!
Congrats to myself but at the same time I really wanna encourage those who didnt get it.
This doesnt mean you're not good , no matter how must keep moving on!

Although I already passed my VoC but there's still an interview to go thru after Chinese New Year.
Plans , Strategics , Structures all comes to me pls!
I need you all!

Time for breakfast! Dont skip breakfast readers! :)