Friday, April 22, 2011

Paris is here again to tell you that she loves MAY!
I Love May. Do you? 
I was born at 4th May 1990.
Now is 23rd April. It is just a short distance to my birthday.

Gosh. I cant wait to dress myself up as doll and be the spotlight of the night.
But, I've French test on my birthday morning. Everyone said I'm real Paris.
Even French test oso fall on my birthday.

Let's scroll up again & see what I posted up. A-ha!
All of the items is old version except Angry Bird iPod Touch case.
I personally like classic things or stick to the stuff that I fall in love with the first sight.
Cant blame. Girls always do.

Alright. I'm not trying make you eyes-sore but I want those things as pressie for my birthday.
How good if theres someone willing to do so coz I never allow guys to do so.
Wondering why coz I wanna get them with my own ability.
Sounds cool but now officially broke. Dang >.<

Can I have all of the items for my Forever21 birthday?
Say yes to me! Say you do! I think I'll marry you.

Wanna dress like a Queen to club?

Here we have gorgeous dress for you to wear like a queen to club! Dont believe. Have a look 




 Wanna get more attention and be the Queen of the queens in club?
Faster grab this dress from me!
Price : Rm40.
Colour : Hawt Black
 Size : Free

Match it with long and thin stockings! Perfect!
Be th sportlight on Wednesday night with this , LADIES! 

Those who are interested can kindly email to this address.
Name , I/C , Address , Contact number
Payment must be done before getting the stock. Postage will be charged.

Bank in details -
 BANK ISLAM (BIMB) : 13-017-02-130565-8

p/s : If you're USM student , I can send to your hostel. Only serious buyers.

have a nice day people,