Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Saturday!
What am I doing now? Rushing another assignments!
Stupid me. Now , I', supposed to run my mission - SHOPPING.
Too bad , assignments came in wrong timing and I've to stay in room facing Facebook , checking mails & assignments.
SICK of repeating ASSIGNMENTS but now wat I've is this!
Oh gosh , send me some entertainment please! I'm begging you. :'(

I ain't a shopaholic but I do spend a lot.
My hobby is shopping and I dont think other girls will hate my hobby because SHOPPING is part of being a girl , lady and woman :)
Agree ? *wink*

I wanna own a big big big big big wardrobe!
I want it completed with the top fashion clothes , top branded bags , attrative high heels , blink blink accesories , watch , purse.... everythin is trendy in it.

Oooopppsss! I'm day dreaming again :/
Ignore me. 
Check this out : SongOfStyle
I bet you girls wanna stick your ass with the chair. :D