Friday, March 4, 2011

Out of sudden , I miss my daddy.

Facing the lappie , assignments , readings and bunch of people who always tagged together , I miss HIM.

HIM = my daddy.

When I haven't get into university , I'd always spend my time with him. 
We go supper together no matter how late or even mummy scolds or not allow me.
We watch idiot box together and comment a lot.
We laugh at our mummy when she keep changing clothes before going out for dinner.
We bluff our sista that there is money on floor so that we can laugh for a while.
We go to beach after dinner.
We celebrate festival or birthday together.
We wait for each other if one of us havent come from yamcha.
I text him , he calls. *save my phone credit*

My daddy is not a professional but a mechanic.
What he did is he always try his best to fulfill what we need. Never say NO.
From the day I came to this world till now , he is the one I respect and sayang the most.
Not because he didnt scold me or watever , he did scold me but is in a better way.
Although I'm the most independent compared to my sis , but still I'm the one he worry the most.
He always worry that I forget my meals , not enough money to use..
Actually I also worry about him because he always go out yamcha with fren till very late.
I worry about his health although he already stopped smoking. 
No beer , No smoking. He managed to stop both.

He never talk with us by showing his unhappy or high tone. I mean he always talk with us like advising us.
He knows the way to talk to me so I'll listen to him.
He wont simply use his own theory to force me to listen but I did meet some of these people in university.
He understands me well and he allows me to do what I like.

Everyone thinks their daddy is the best , so do I.

Daddy , I miss you. Can you always call me arr?
Miss his voice , miss his advices , never talk bullshit or even force me to hear.

I love my daddy.