Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to my darlin : Miss Snowy Sueh

omg! is her birthday! will she feel surprised that im purposely write this post for her?


i think YES! darlin , you to birthday happy *wat a reverse wish*
well , you guys dunno wat had happened before we two get closer..

this snowy. hmmm , quite short story. HEHE. I know her becoz we're under the same PA 
but she ignored me until finals we get closer! is a good news for me! 

her T's name is chocoholic1201 but everytime i meet her , i sure call her Chocolate!~
and her response is very big : WAT CHOCOLATE?!
until she invited me to lunch together and she explained that her name is Chocoholic
i juz figured out that her name is not Chocolate. damn lame right? :S

anyway, is my pleasure to have a friend like her *c this*
Leona , dun jelaous! I'll write for u too but it will be wat bad things u did in USM!
*evil laugh*

1st of Dec is not a good day for me! I've to wish many friends and I cant celebrate wit them! :(

Happy Birthday to my bestie Auby Doreen

boooom!! is time to sleep! shall update more after this!
for more lame post , please stay tuned! 
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