Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween :D
wassup people! how was your halloween celebration?
mine is pretty well! I like it!
Currently in da library wit Nic & Seokwei.
Today is gonna be productive day for me ^__^

sambil belajar sambil tweet tweet tweet

Nic : soooper perasan one! Hes single. Anyone who interested can click this link


Went to Jelutong nite market last friday wit Avril , Lydia & Mandy
even a lil nite market also cost me alot : (
lil flower band. I like it!

Hallooooooooweeen *^**%$^#@%
me of the halloween night
Voodoo with 3 darlins! Jac , Seokwei , Yueh <3>

okay! that's all for this blog *someone is starrin at me : study oi*

bye lovers,

Just came back from Queensbay Mall. Movie with a bunch of pharmacy friends!
Taker.. if not mistaken.. I can barely remember name of the movie.
T.I & Chris Brown also the actors of this movie. Endin is no that nice. : /

Okay! Done with movie. Now is time to study! *act hardworkin*
Today, I must finish 2 more chapters for my Titas! Screw TITAS!

Picha of the day

Miss Avril who bought 9 tickets! : D

Now is 16:46! study! later nite market for dinner with darlin Yueh :)


Thursday, October 28, 2010


I was so nervous when i took my step in the cubicle for the interview!
what should I do? *heart beatin*
couldnt say anythin. hands shivering. brain stucked!

45mins - interview!
lotsa questions whc were totally out of my expectation but still have to answer no matter how
I've thought the most suitable for every questions until my brain really wanna explode!

done! : )

learn from mistake!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mornin readers! is me again
I love blogging in de mornin! dunno why :/
oh ya , study week is coming soon.
I think everyone is studying very hard right now! : )

Finals is around the corner & this sem going to end soon!
Semester 2 im coming!

Last Tuesday had a lunch with our LSP300 - band4 class lecture

He told us lotsa of his experiences and everythin happened around him!
Christmas , China students , His daughther....
was fun to hear all that from him! He's a very friendly & enthusiatic lecture!


Next , is our outing day!! didnt take much photos!
so heres only ONE.
Picture of the day :


when u get along with her , you'll noe that she's super craziiee n funnniiieee :D


Last night , I skipped my sociology class again and also a Exchange talk.
I know I should not miss the last class but my eyes really in pain when I was still my friend's room! arghhhh!

get a lil present from Miss Wan Wei..
wanna noe whos she?
please continue readin.

a pair of blue flower earrings*thanks wan wei, yippiee*

dang dang dang!!! Miss Wan Wei
Someone who always ON if i call her out from dinner! thanks for your company! heart u!

Fashion Show which held by School of Art

Miss Wan Wei was the owner of 'STARBUGS' *shes super creative*

from the picha , you can see how much effort that she put on this !
I cant find any suitable words to describe her!
she's amazing! :)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this few weeks are kinda hectic!
i 'feed' all my precious time for this few weeks.
how lucky they are! : S

finally , the 'Nei Bu Guan Mo' was over!
now I need to focus on my studies!
finals is around the corner but i havent opened any of my reference books yet

well , I believe theres always a good news towards me besides bad news!
In uni , there're lotsa diff kinds of people. Some of ém obviously treat others like nothing.
They will only come to you when they need u. If you've car , I bet those who dislike you also
come to you! *obviously i've seen this*

Best Friends are difficult to find. My Best Friend in uni also become so called-best-friend after I've seen what he has done! damn disappointed but I told myself that it's not too late to know his attitude like that! *thanks seokwei for being always there for me*

When people are trying to let you down , please do not fed up but must keep moving on.
This is the only way to survive! : )

my lil green iPod*stickwitu*

study mode : ON! I must start reading and do all the revision.
Scoring high grades is a must!


Friday, October 22, 2010


Got a sudden call from my kaki - darling Ati.
She said she was in down mood so she asked me out for a drinks.
and Im sure will give her a YES *why not , let's escape from this complicated stuff*

ambience - GOOD

me of that day : )
darling Ati

Iced Chocolate Mint *so so*

Iced Cappucino

Supper : cheesy crabstick roll , french fries

I dunno what happened to my darling but Im the one she called when she was down!
thanks for treating me ! : )
hope you're fine!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

morning readers!
I'm here again to update my lil blog!
is 10.50am ! 12pm i gonna off to my English class.
i hope today will be a productive day for me! =)

tooday i need to do callings to find partnership!
wish me luck ^_______^
received message from Nicholas said that tonite dinner together!
hehe. He still remember it!

silly pic of the day

lotsa love <3

hey people , how was ur weekends?
mine is pretty good because i involved myself in useful activity!

HIV?AIDS Conference
thanks to those who came for this conference. Because of your attendance , conference went well.
well done to all de faci(s) and project director.
Suzanne , Shiung , Xiangyi , Kimberly , Teng , Natalie , Natalia &
all the interns from USM and UUM & ME too!
; )

Here are some pichas during the conference. The purpose of this conference is to educate youngsters about SEX. When the speaker of that day Mark Stephan Felix talked about "what is sexuality", students'eyes opened big! They are from Union High School , Penang Chinese Girls High School , Palapes , Navy and etc.

pichas :)


mine & Hong Q's lil iPod

Hat prepared by Brenda *intern from Mexico*

Hong Q - shy *.*

Gene-Harn wif the cap *act cute*

Sze Ern and Kimberly *thanks for comin , szeern*

with the interns = )

my group members - 9! Vincent , Paris , Sze Ern , Lin

me & Vincent : post 1
me & Vincent : post 2

my group member oso ! her name is Hui Fang
Blake - fat ass! I dunno y he always wanna carry me!

again. Blake & Me

3 of us. I love this pic! the right 1 is Seok wei from engineering campus!

HE - the flirty guy
that's why he deserved such punishment XD

LCP - Wilson NG !

throught this conference , Im glad that I was the faci . This is my very 1st time to be one of the facis in such big conference ! HIV/AIDS. because of this conference , i've spent only 3 hours to sleep for a week before it. kinda worth because all gone smooth & well ! = )
thanks to redbull ! i had 2 tins of it to boos myself up!

mornin , another sleepless nite!

Friday, October 15, 2010

for this post , should i let the pichas do de talk?
i think yes would be the best answer ever!
October is the most expensive month.
i spent a lot. now i'm officially broke :/

let's start with TGIF! went there wif the lovelies
Jacqueline & Seokwei. thanks for accompanyin me when i felt so down!
appreciate what u guys did!


Chicken With Pepper & Mushrooms

Salmon Pasta *chun*

lovelies - Seokwei & Jacqueline

me of the day

after taken dinner and watched Detective Dee , we went to E gate to have our supper!

Java Chip - highly recommended by Seokwei

gambling? YES

after Starbucks closed at 2am , we went to another shop.

3am. their patterns.

due to the last post that i've mentioned abt de photos. here we are! Neway after the sociology test!
me , jayslyn , ati , leona. We sing until 3am.

let's back to the food. I was brought by my senior's friend to Crepe Cottage near Gurney Plaza

lotsa magazine are there for you while you're waiting for ur foooood.

nice ambience = )

Blackpepper Fish Fillet with pancakes and chips

Mango Cup as dessert

Beef . forgot the name for this. love the mushroooomsss

after enjoyed the delicious , we off to Tesco. aha!


Wan Wei's birthday ! I dunno what she wants actually so i went to buy 3 cupcakes wif her name on top for her! Hope she really finish it by her own! Domino Pizza as celebration!

you to birthday happy

joeyee [ muka victoria ] . 1way [ camp kawaiiiii ] . paris [ vainpot ]

that's all for this post ! hope you guys enjoy readin it! = )