Thursday, March 3, 2011

la la la lal!
in a very good mood right now!
Done my assignment , but still have one more to go!
I gonna refill petrol again for myself. 

This few days are very difficult to go through but I'm happy and totally enjoy with!
Went to Kek Lok Si ( Penang famous temple ) for photoshooting. 
Then the next day was Runway Show. 

A thousand thank to my professional make-up artist Merlin. Without her , I might not look like Princess. LOL

Here are some photos which taken during photoshooting & Runway Show. 
Hope you guys enjoy viewing them. =)

 Ace , Paris & Seline :)

 our professional make-up artist Merlin. thank you Merlin.

 Partner of the day : Ken Ooi. He is a model.

 John Tan & his partner , Seline Teh.

 cutest couple of the day : Ace & Edison aka sao ye 

 Berbisik-bisik in temple.

 so lovely ^^


Not going to post all photos up here. 
If you wanna view more , click 【喜俏兔年】.