Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm back to blogger's world! hooraaaayy!!
Currently in DK Foyer studying my French. Later 3pm French test! Superb nervous :/
Hope I pass the test. *godblessme*

Pic above is effing annoying. It's my assignment during Chinese New Year.
Can u imagine that? Chinese New Year also need to rush assignment. wtf.
But there's always something to boost me up :)

Hi Tea @ Secret Recipe with the love ones. U can see my smile :D
How to relax yourself ? Hi Tea with friends and chitchat for many hours is the best damn thing!

CNY MOOD ON! Scroll down to see my lame CNY photos. 
Nothing much photos have been taken due to busy visiting and eating..
Who has time for photo? I'm the victim of obesity right now. 
Chinese New Year cookies & delicious meal make me gained weight..
I should start my daily exercise now.

My lil notty cousin , Nicole.
She said : this is my clothes! =.="

 Feli . Nicole . Daddy

my sista , Blair

Time to stop blogging? Back to study French! 
Happy news for today : Assignment for YKT111 delayed! Cool!
Yesterday WLK pissed me off but today WLK makes me smile :)
I hate her & I love her too. 
p/s : I'm not lessy :P