Thursday, April 28, 2011

Greetings! :)
hey hey hey! I'm Paris here. Ooopsss you all know right?
I just came back from Hennessey Artistry!
It was so happening but compared to KL' still have a big gap! LOL.

Pic below is taken in Boarders. Done watching RED RIDING HOOD. Story line is so so nia.
Felt hanging there when it comes to the end. It is just not so enough for me!
2 sips of Frappucino Chocolate Cream Chips in 2 days.
Is it too much?
I'm sowieee that I'm that relax. :P

If I were not that relax , cant name myself as Paris anymore xD
responsible iPod. He always accompany me wherever I go :)
Need Angry Bird case. 

Every Wednesday is ladies night. Who wanna miss it?
Went MOIS- the most famous club in Penang continued by Thursday Voodoo -Hennessey Artistry!
Yeah! That's my life.
Thanks Jacq for getting me the chance to go! Really enjoyed it.
As you can see from the invitation card , Vandalism , Kyoto Protocol and also Spinderella all there! 
Tell me , will you miss out the chance?
Obviously the answer is NO. haha!

Alright. 4am now. Gotta sleep. Later have to go meeting to get new place in new cubicle!