Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Experience with Sony Cyber Shot

Hello KL!
Now currently at Aunt Carol's house.
Anyone free to bring me out for a sweet escape?

Well well well , back to this topic! My experience with SONY Cyber Shot :)
I'm so gonna blog about it! Hooray!
Honestly to say , I'm blogger who dont really blog about photos. I'm more to wordsss.
A word speaks my feeling. But now different.
I wanna fill my blog with more artistic and clear photos.
As a blogger , we know what readers need! 

Today is my lucky day? I shall nominate it as Paris's lucky day.
Won a goodie bagwhich worth RM100 from SONY because of a post & because I'm a blogger too.
Thanks to Jazz the YouthJam founder. 

SONY is my choice!

That's all from me! How about you readers?
Let SONY knows about you more! Show them your pictures by using SONY's camera. 
I bet they love to see. 

For more information , click My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot :)
You'll not regret by clicking it.