Sunday, November 14, 2010

counting from now.
I couldnt accept that I have to face the so called-easy subject : YKT102 due to tml evening
is pretty hard for me to memorise all especially history for every elemens!

supposed to study rite now but im still here to do unnecessary stuff!
screw me up! screw this paper too!

think! think! think! think positive side!
after this , i can play hard dy!! time to partayyyy!
be tough k , paris!

cook instant wildmushroom soup as my breakfast. *smell gooood*
except this , i've ntg to boost my body energy up!
can anyone make brakfast for me?
after i came into uni , my ideal breakfast gone!
NO FRIDGE , my hostel only equiped with IRON & WATER MACHINE.

c'mon i need my study mood!! go go go!! study!!
i should stop talkin nonsense! *books callin*

5 down , 2 more to go!
I'm a happy girl ^________^

16th Nov - YKT102.
this subject is killin me! even i've faced this note for few hours
but still nothin goes into my mind.
phone no credit. brain no memory. im insane!
this is what i posted in facebook!

Will i screw up this paper? NO WAY!!
gonna continue study hard for this paper!
wish me luck , people! : )

had a great dinner wit Huikey & Isaac. FULL to the max!
I asked huikey out for dinner *out of sudden*
Hope she wont get shocked. I used to do that to others too!

Wow! I've found 1 more good friend in ma life!
Huikey is such sweet friend. Shes very kind and caring. : )
You'll never know until you really hang out wit her!

like this pic. ♥ she looks mature!
back to the notes. : (