Thursday, January 27, 2011

 I smell Chinese New Year! *nose problem*
I'm so excited that later I can go home reunion!
Wonderful ? 

Last few days , I was super duper tired. Like an old lady.
But today I'm super duper happy. Know why right!

Yesterday kinda bad luck. All the brought to Pusat Mahasiswa to get a cop but they rejected to cop 
and asked me go HEPP to get permission then just come back.
Without hesistate so much , I went to HEPP to get the permission.
Just a question they asked , I immediately get a seat to sit down and waited there.
After few minutes , I got the cop!

Actually I was kinda upset that when I need help , I got no one there to lend their hands to me.
Fortunately , I learnt something from this lesson!
Never rely on others , must learn to be independent and always be critical thinking all the time!

If I was still 'me' , I really cannot imagine how angry can I be.
I believe we'll change. Change to be bad or good is all depends on ourselves.
I believe I've chosen the right path for myself.

Always tell myself to keep this energy , positive attitude & thinking all the time!

Bonne fete du nouvel an Chinois :D