Monday, March 14, 2011

Sending my warm regard to Japan. Hope the citizens are fine. God bless them!
As you all knew that Tokyo faced earthquake n tsunami at the same time but this brings a good impact to Malaysia.
Why I said that? Dont misunderstand my meaning. Have u read the article about the citizens?
Their moral value , attitude..
I dont want to say much but you should know by now.
Go grab newspaper or read online news to get more information.
I totally respect them and I feel sad for those who said Japan deserved such disaster. 
It is hurt to hear that. :(

I feel lucky because I did not face such big disaster and this makes me learn to appreciate those around.
No shit in life. Go away plssss! *if u feel free to list urself as shit , dun blame me*

Alright , let's see what I've done for a sunny Sunday! <3
Went to Queensbay after felt sick to de books.
Took rapid304 to Queensbay , on the way to there , I think all de bus passengers did scold vulgar words.
Even me too. Know why? The bus driver did not know to drive!
Almost to have 2 accidents! dang! >.<
Well , I din blame much on him coz some of the reckless driver too!
Reached Queensbay safely and bought BLACK SWAN ticket!
Went into the cinema , the movie is BEASTLY!
WTF! Everyone was complaining. After 10mins , BLACK SWAN ON!
Thank god. And I announced my Sunday as a dramatic day that I've ever had!

Shopaholic wannabe after movie.
Bought 2 singlets from P&Co. Cheap!
Then a pair of VINCCI high heels as a shopping gift for myself.
Not enough ??! Get myself a sweet & soft pillow from AKEMI.

70% discount. How you gonna say NO?!

Groceries hunt after that! Grab some healthy food for myself.
KoKoKrunch & Campbell Mushroom with Pasta instant soup!
Love shopping & groceries hunt. :)

You can see the smile on my face. Happy? Yeah!

At night chat with Wilson & Waiyee.Never thought 3 of us can have such a long chat in my life.
Thanks New York for the Sundae cone! Really have a nice chat with U & Waiyee.

Not to forget : dad&mom , I miss you <3