Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good afternooooon readers. I'm back !
Judt done eating brunch with friends. Is sunny Thursday today. :)
Totally in love with the weather now. Futsal later?

See the promotion above? Our target as brunch!
Went to The Manhattan Fish Market with Crisnee & Darryl. Wat a weird combination between 3 of us.
I love you guys la. Really had a nice chit-chat session with you guys. A great kick-start for this thursday!
Followed by movie after brunch , SOURCE CODE.
Honestly, I almost wanna fall asleep during watching it. Only a few part , I've suspected the guy who prepared the bomb in Chicago and predicted how the story line will go. This is so nooot goood.
Wasting money to watch! Haha but one thing I should recommend here is readers should watch Dont Go Breaking My Heart! It is so nice until my heart and myself melted! 

Lucky Gao Yuan Yuan who can cooperate with 2 lengzai Louis Koo and Daniel Wu! :)

is 3.13pm now. What to do? 
Study perhaps? Futsal after revision :D
Cant wait to be the goalkeeper XD
And one more - thanks to FAME director for the drinks! Wont call you unless I need sponsorship for any prom night.