Sunday, October 17, 2010

morning readers!
I'm here again to update my lil blog!
is 10.50am ! 12pm i gonna off to my English class.
i hope today will be a productive day for me! =)

tooday i need to do callings to find partnership!
wish me luck ^_______^
received message from Nicholas said that tonite dinner together!
hehe. He still remember it!

silly pic of the day

lotsa love <3

hey people , how was ur weekends?
mine is pretty good because i involved myself in useful activity!

HIV?AIDS Conference
thanks to those who came for this conference. Because of your attendance , conference went well.
well done to all de faci(s) and project director.
Suzanne , Shiung , Xiangyi , Kimberly , Teng , Natalie , Natalia &
all the interns from USM and UUM & ME too!
; )

Here are some pichas during the conference. The purpose of this conference is to educate youngsters about SEX. When the speaker of that day Mark Stephan Felix talked about "what is sexuality", students'eyes opened big! They are from Union High School , Penang Chinese Girls High School , Palapes , Navy and etc.

pichas :)


mine & Hong Q's lil iPod

Hat prepared by Brenda *intern from Mexico*

Hong Q - shy *.*

Gene-Harn wif the cap *act cute*

Sze Ern and Kimberly *thanks for comin , szeern*

with the interns = )

my group members - 9! Vincent , Paris , Sze Ern , Lin

me & Vincent : post 1
me & Vincent : post 2

my group member oso ! her name is Hui Fang
Blake - fat ass! I dunno y he always wanna carry me!

again. Blake & Me

3 of us. I love this pic! the right 1 is Seok wei from engineering campus!

HE - the flirty guy
that's why he deserved such punishment XD

LCP - Wilson NG !

throught this conference , Im glad that I was the faci . This is my very 1st time to be one of the facis in such big conference ! HIV/AIDS. because of this conference , i've spent only 3 hours to sleep for a week before it. kinda worth because all gone smooth & well ! = )
thanks to redbull ! i had 2 tins of it to boos myself up!

mornin , another sleepless nite!