Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this few weeks are kinda hectic!
i 'feed' all my precious time for this few weeks.
how lucky they are! : S

finally , the 'Nei Bu Guan Mo' was over!
now I need to focus on my studies!
finals is around the corner but i havent opened any of my reference books yet

well , I believe theres always a good news towards me besides bad news!
In uni , there're lotsa diff kinds of people. Some of ém obviously treat others like nothing.
They will only come to you when they need u. If you've car , I bet those who dislike you also
come to you! *obviously i've seen this*

Best Friends are difficult to find. My Best Friend in uni also become so called-best-friend after I've seen what he has done! damn disappointed but I told myself that it's not too late to know his attitude like that! *thanks seokwei for being always there for me*

When people are trying to let you down , please do not fed up but must keep moving on.
This is the only way to survive! : )

my lil green iPod*stickwitu*

study mode : ON! I must start reading and do all the revision.
Scoring high grades is a must!