Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween :D
wassup people! how was your halloween celebration?
mine is pretty well! I like it!
Currently in da library wit Nic & Seokwei.
Today is gonna be productive day for me ^__^

sambil belajar sambil tweet tweet tweet

Nic : soooper perasan one! Hes single. Anyone who interested can click this link


Went to Jelutong nite market last friday wit Avril , Lydia & Mandy
even a lil nite market also cost me alot : (
lil flower band. I like it!

Hallooooooooweeen *^**%$^#@%
me of the halloween night
Voodoo with 3 darlins! Jac , Seokwei , Yueh <3>

okay! that's all for this blog *someone is starrin at me : study oi*

bye lovers,

Just came back from Queensbay Mall. Movie with a bunch of pharmacy friends!
Taker.. if not mistaken.. I can barely remember name of the movie.
T.I & Chris Brown also the actors of this movie. Endin is no that nice. : /

Okay! Done with movie. Now is time to study! *act hardworkin*
Today, I must finish 2 more chapters for my Titas! Screw TITAS!

Picha of the day

Miss Avril who bought 9 tickets! : D

Now is 16:46! study! later nite market for dinner with darlin Yueh :)