Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good day people!

Back to my blog. Sorry for abandoning my blog & din update you guys!
How's your Tuesday? 
Mine is pretty good. Attended my minor class today & met a good senior =)

This semester is my 2nd year first semester. From now onward, I'm a senior.
Sounds so old but I look young!

Took 10hours journey back to my uni & have a new roomie.
Not a bad day for me! Totally love my new roomie.
Almost same height with me & she's thinner than me! jealous-nya!
Anybody wants her contact?

 On the way back , the sky is crying.

An interesting topic brought by Fortune magazine about research being done by P&G!

First dinner once reached Penang. Thanks Jinyin for everything. I appreciate it <3

#1. First day of school. :)

#2. Second day of school. The weather is so cool!

That's all lil update from me. Not vain at all.