Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today is 5th May 2011 . Yesterday was 4th May 2011.
Yesterday was my birthday. Today I'm officially an adult. A woman?

Received lotsa wishes and surprises too. Totally like a princess of the year!
I'm a Taurus girl who never wanted any bad things happen in my 365days every year. 
Even it did happen , let's throw this chip away and install a new one.

Yesterday done my French test earlier an hour before then off to Queensbay with coursemates.
After having brunch , got a call from Joee stated Batu Feringghi is the next station so went back hostel and packed important thing and off to beach!

O! Is been months I didn't touch the sands , feel the sea breeze like I used to do before entering uni.
Had a really fantastic day at the beach with the gals. Peklin , Sabrina , June & Joee , thanks ya!
Couple hours later , searched a hotel to fill our tummy up. Hungry!
A royal buffet only costs us RM19.90 nett. We keep ordering food non stop.
Dinner time is absolutely a great timing to do bonding session.

Reached home at 10.30pm. For me , the night is still young and is my big day. How could I  dare to waste the rest of time like stucking in the room? Clubbin next stop!
Off to MOIS at 12am and met friends over there. They shouting out loud Happy Birthday to me by my ears.
Hang-fuk that everyone did remember my birthday. Thanks.

Tomorrow is my last paper of this sem. Hate to sit for exam coz it is cold in the exam hall.
Besides this , this sem we all gonna say goodbye to seniors. They're going to graduate soon.
Happy to see they have ended their education journey and going to start another new chapter but at the same time we're sad that the chance to meet up is getting lesser. What to do? Always remind ourselves to keep in touch with everyone no matter how. :)
Anyways , I do wish all my seniors have a super duperb bright and successful future.