Thursday, April 28, 2011

Greetings! :)
hey hey hey! I'm Paris here. Ooopsss you all know right?
I just came back from Hennessey Artistry!
It was so happening but compared to KL' still have a big gap! LOL.

Pic below is taken in Boarders. Done watching RED RIDING HOOD. Story line is so so nia.
Felt hanging there when it comes to the end. It is just not so enough for me!
2 sips of Frappucino Chocolate Cream Chips in 2 days.
Is it too much?
I'm sowieee that I'm that relax. :P

If I were not that relax , cant name myself as Paris anymore xD
responsible iPod. He always accompany me wherever I go :)
Need Angry Bird case. 

Every Wednesday is ladies night. Who wanna miss it?
Went MOIS- the most famous club in Penang continued by Thursday Voodoo -Hennessey Artistry!
Yeah! That's my life.
Thanks Jacq for getting me the chance to go! Really enjoyed it.
As you can see from the invitation card , Vandalism , Kyoto Protocol and also Spinderella all there! 
Tell me , will you miss out the chance?
Obviously the answer is NO. haha!

Alright. 4am now. Gotta sleep. Later have to go meeting to get new place in new cubicle!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Paris is here again to tell you that she loves MAY!
I Love May. Do you? 
I was born at 4th May 1990.
Now is 23rd April. It is just a short distance to my birthday.

Gosh. I cant wait to dress myself up as doll and be the spotlight of the night.
But, I've French test on my birthday morning. Everyone said I'm real Paris.
Even French test oso fall on my birthday.

Let's scroll up again & see what I posted up. A-ha!
All of the items is old version except Angry Bird iPod Touch case.
I personally like classic things or stick to the stuff that I fall in love with the first sight.
Cant blame. Girls always do.

Alright. I'm not trying make you eyes-sore but I want those things as pressie for my birthday.
How good if theres someone willing to do so coz I never allow guys to do so.
Wondering why coz I wanna get them with my own ability.
Sounds cool but now officially broke. Dang >.<

Can I have all of the items for my Forever21 birthday?
Say yes to me! Say you do! I think I'll marry you.

Wanna dress like a Queen to club?

Here we have gorgeous dress for you to wear like a queen to club! Dont believe. Have a look 




 Wanna get more attention and be the Queen of the queens in club?
Faster grab this dress from me!
Price : Rm40.
Colour : Hawt Black
 Size : Free

Match it with long and thin stockings! Perfect!
Be th sportlight on Wednesday night with this , LADIES! 

Those who are interested can kindly email to this address.
Name , I/C , Address , Contact number
Payment must be done before getting the stock. Postage will be charged.

Bank in details -
 BANK ISLAM (BIMB) : 13-017-02-130565-8

p/s : If you're USM student , I can send to your hostel. Only serious buyers.

have a nice day people,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

 1. Thanks darling XiuXian & Angelynn for the cake. Green tea flavour cheese cake! So yummy :))
Wish you two Forever 21. Muacks!

2. Another thank you special for my cousin who purposely bought this chocolate at Langkawi and gave me during school trip to Penang. Awesome! Best medicine to cure stress during exam week :D
3. I've changed my profile picture for twitter. Tweet with me more. No psycho is allowed. Love you guys.
Always enjoy to tweet with the gang :)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ridiculous Sunday I've.
Ooopps. Last few mins , I was still searching for The-Kins Handbag now I'm here blogging

Finals coming soon. I dont even feel the NERVOUS-ness! That's bad.
Somebody comes to me and volunteer to accompany me study , wokie?

Yesterday woke up damn early and off to Starbucks with my dear Snowy. 
Her existance in my morning so damn good. Her seriousness made me fell in love with the slides. LOL

I met Gary - the friendly make-up artist and also not-to-forget SARAH YAP , Miss Universe Malaysia 2010.
What else to say? Of course make-up , hairdo , photo shooting.
I kinda dont like this recruitment drive. Knoow why?
They dont even care whether you've filled your form completely or not and nor even check your height!
Basic requirement is 163cm but I did see a lot of girls who dont even achieve the height.

Halo relevant parties , be professional laa! 
Starbucks after done photo shooting.
Sudied over there for 6 hours non stop! Wat a productive day I had in my life. 
Big smile on face :)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got nothing to update again. 
Such a failure. Oh , just let it be. I dont really wanna care.
Study week now. FML

Read some of the bloggers' blog.
Damn admire the way they live their life. Awesome + So happening.
Friends around me always think my life is so wonderful and happening but now is full of dullness & stress.
Damn hate study week. 
Redbull , Starbucks cant even help me. What can I drink to boost my energy up?

Back to my old routine life - Jogging. 
Take a deep breathe. Life is just so simple. 
I do not need to shout F*** neither in twitter nor facebook.
Why need complain so much? Live to the fullest laa.

Current status is - Being friendly to others then I'll treated like the way I treat others. No harm.
FYI , I learnt a mistake from the past whc is I swear to myself that I'll not let any other guys to influence or ruin my friendship between gals unless yourself wanna do so.
Honestly , there is a girl did that. I'm speechless but I wanna remind her one thing is 
If the thing is belongs to you , no matter how long it takes , it still will come back to you.
Cant get it? That's your own matter.

Dont try on my patience. I aint that good temper all the time.
 I might wanna release myself for certain time too.
Say bye to clubs , heylo to books.
This is not so Paris but I gonna make a change in order to get good result for this sem.
Wish me luck , Wish me be energetic the whole study week and during exam.

19th first paper :)
date me for Sushi Bonanza plssss between 24 -26.
I'm freeee.
Alright time to continue study , later 10am gonna interview candidates who applied from manager position!
Prepare well.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good afternooooon readers. I'm back !
Judt done eating brunch with friends. Is sunny Thursday today. :)
Totally in love with the weather now. Futsal later?

See the promotion above? Our target as brunch!
Went to The Manhattan Fish Market with Crisnee & Darryl. Wat a weird combination between 3 of us.
I love you guys la. Really had a nice chit-chat session with you guys. A great kick-start for this thursday!
Followed by movie after brunch , SOURCE CODE.
Honestly, I almost wanna fall asleep during watching it. Only a few part , I've suspected the guy who prepared the bomb in Chicago and predicted how the story line will go. This is so nooot goood.
Wasting money to watch! Haha but one thing I should recommend here is readers should watch Dont Go Breaking My Heart! It is so nice until my heart and myself melted! 

Lucky Gao Yuan Yuan who can cooperate with 2 lengzai Louis Koo and Daniel Wu! :)

is 3.13pm now. What to do? 
Study perhaps? Futsal after revision :D
Cant wait to be the goalkeeper XD
And one more - thanks to FAME director for the drinks! Wont call you unless I need sponsorship for any prom night.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Say Hi!
I'm back for good. Still alive here.
Slept for not more than 10hours for these 2 days.
Parties make me old :/
Seriously , I feel myself damn old.
 Ignore me now coz I wanna complain myself. LOL.

My current status : LCTC ended. VP journey starts.
This is the condition I'm in now. No more reverse gear for me to hold but keep moving till gear5.
Always wanted to find fabulous word to describe my feeling but just cant find the right one.
Anyways , I would like to give a thousand thank to my previous seniors in AIESEC USM.
They're the most wonderful team ever , I do not know what will happen to my team for the next term but what I forsee in the future is we will be doing and better in order to achieve what they expect from us.

This gonna be a long post which is out of my expectation , lotsa mixture , lotsa feelin , lotsa words which unspeakable!
Thanks to Wilson Ng
Thanks to Chan Hui Min
Thanks to Chong Yeeleng
Thanks to Ng K.Y.
Thanks to Ng Yoke Ying
Thanks to Lai Jai Yin
Thanks to Nicholas Ooi

Thanks guys for choosing us as VP to contribute for AIESEC USM. I do hope I will not make you all disappointed. Thanks for time you all spent on transition. Learnt a lot from you all. Advices will be taken as quotes for the starting of everyday. What I really wanna shout in this post is thanks you all for choosing me even I'd always potrait myself a playful girl. Thanks for believing in me, this is what I din expect. Honestly , when the result out , I was kinda surprised because I thought I've screwed up the interview and I'd doubt myself for many times about my capability. Now , I'm officially a VP and I've stopped of thinking negative sides. Thanks to those who always there by my side encouraging me all the time. I appreciate your existance!
Needless to say , I love you all as always.

Tears dropping. Should not let myself to say out here but just couldnt control.
Hey readers , ignore me for being so mama-style rou ma here! XD
Last wednesday and friday night party non-stop till I really dropped.
Get  tipsy once in a while is so much funnn but healthiness gone.
Lack of sleep till whole body muscle keep cramping and this seriously no good.
Got myself 3 hours nap just now. Feel a lil bit relief now.
R= regret for not taking much photos. This blog is not colourful.
But luckily I've teammates who always capture nice photosss. Everyone can view thru facebook!

1.45am now , should I go sleep now?
Yes , I sohuld in order to get back my energy for ongoing a long and no boundary journey in my life.

Dunno what will happen on tomorrow , but I do hope I've blast one and I do sayang my biatch Jac , Seokwei & Yueh more after an almost-happen accident on the way back to batu Feringgi!
p/s : Sugarcube is not a only way I express my feeling towards you 3 but I do hope get more reply form you girls. Love you 3 as always my biatch <3