Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
Thats alright because I like the way you hurt..."

listenin to Love The Way You Lie while doing B.M revision.
kinda enjoy!
2 down. 5 more papers to go!
be tough Paris! You can do it! *sing out loud*

this few days received lotsa msgs and calls from friends!
miss ém so muchiiiee!
thanks alot darlinss!

hey people , you know what?
Im getting fatter and fatter! damn!
Fat ass keep sticking to the chair w/o any movement for a long period!
Eyes keep staring at the 975957450458 words of notes!
Mouth keep openin bcoz the food finds it the best way to stay!
OMG! where's the 'S'shape? LOL

right after exam , must start my practise!
Run babe run! Row babe row!
'kayak'with the lovelies?
of course i would love too! muahhh

ROCKY : that's great anytime , anywhere!

studystudystudy AGAIN

Learn from Yesterday , Live for Today , Hope for Tomorrow


Happy Birthday Weiliek

First of all , happy birthday to weiliek!
I should update my blog yesterday but due to exam , haiz..
this post is purposely for you! :D
hope last nite , you'd enjoy urself!

Got msg from Ben said tat someone's birthday is comin!
Plan is needed for this birthday girl! :D
Nowadays , we all are technology savvy , I guess you noe wat we use to comm rite?
Ben was the planner of this birthday partay.
Jac went to buy birthday girl's favourite cake!
We were the best actor and actresses!
Lia , Xinqi , Munchee n Sakai Eugene!

dang dang dang! you to birthday happy

wat a lovely couple! well done , Ben!
Tiramisu. delicious!
I want this cake for my next birthday! :P
after the cake celebration at Tic Tac Toe ,
we went to Plus2
to have our dinner!
again, im here to thank Ben for the treat!

toufu chun!

Sakai of the day - Eugene Wee
He put the pearl in front of his teeth. look like sakai rite?
*yeah , everyone's agree wit me*

bought this magazine due to the streess that i cant overcome!
titas , art! thse 2 killin subs really gave me alot of stresssss!
hate them so muchiiiee!
lucky me ! done all by today! hooorayyyy!

okla , i should take power nap!bubbye!