Sunday, April 3, 2011

Say Hi!
I'm back for good. Still alive here.
Slept for not more than 10hours for these 2 days.
Parties make me old :/
Seriously , I feel myself damn old.
 Ignore me now coz I wanna complain myself. LOL.

My current status : LCTC ended. VP journey starts.
This is the condition I'm in now. No more reverse gear for me to hold but keep moving till gear5.
Always wanted to find fabulous word to describe my feeling but just cant find the right one.
Anyways , I would like to give a thousand thank to my previous seniors in AIESEC USM.
They're the most wonderful team ever , I do not know what will happen to my team for the next term but what I forsee in the future is we will be doing and better in order to achieve what they expect from us.

This gonna be a long post which is out of my expectation , lotsa mixture , lotsa feelin , lotsa words which unspeakable!
Thanks to Wilson Ng
Thanks to Chan Hui Min
Thanks to Chong Yeeleng
Thanks to Ng K.Y.
Thanks to Ng Yoke Ying
Thanks to Lai Jai Yin
Thanks to Nicholas Ooi

Thanks guys for choosing us as VP to contribute for AIESEC USM. I do hope I will not make you all disappointed. Thanks for time you all spent on transition. Learnt a lot from you all. Advices will be taken as quotes for the starting of everyday. What I really wanna shout in this post is thanks you all for choosing me even I'd always potrait myself a playful girl. Thanks for believing in me, this is what I din expect. Honestly , when the result out , I was kinda surprised because I thought I've screwed up the interview and I'd doubt myself for many times about my capability. Now , I'm officially a VP and I've stopped of thinking negative sides. Thanks to those who always there by my side encouraging me all the time. I appreciate your existance!
Needless to say , I love you all as always.

Tears dropping. Should not let myself to say out here but just couldnt control.
Hey readers , ignore me for being so mama-style rou ma here! XD
Last wednesday and friday night party non-stop till I really dropped.
Get  tipsy once in a while is so much funnn but healthiness gone.
Lack of sleep till whole body muscle keep cramping and this seriously no good.
Got myself 3 hours nap just now. Feel a lil bit relief now.
R= regret for not taking much photos. This blog is not colourful.
But luckily I've teammates who always capture nice photosss. Everyone can view thru facebook!

1.45am now , should I go sleep now?
Yes , I sohuld in order to get back my energy for ongoing a long and no boundary journey in my life.

Dunno what will happen on tomorrow , but I do hope I've blast one and I do sayang my biatch Jac , Seokwei & Yueh more after an almost-happen accident on the way back to batu Feringgi!
p/s : Sugarcube is not a only way I express my feeling towards you 3 but I do hope get more reply form you girls. Love you 3 as always my biatch <3