Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A guy caught a genie. Genie was begging him for not killin him and let him go.
Genie promised the guy three wishes if he really let him go.
The guy agreed. 
1st wish : I want my father recover from illness. 
Genie granted for his 1st wish.

2nd wish : I want to be rich and own a big house for my family.
Genie oso granted for 2nd wish.

When it came to the last wish , Genie asked the guy to think properly because it was the last one. 
The guy asked : " Can I have all the happiness? "
Genie didnt do anything but asked him one question again. 
Genie : " Do you really want it? " 
The guy was confused and wondered why Genie didnt want to give him but keep asking questions.
Genie told him : "  If there is no sadness , how you get your happiness? " 
The guy realised and he smiled. 

I read this through google mail. It is useful. There is always a lesson in a story.
Whether you can get it or not , it all depends on yourself.

There's one more thing to share from me to you all.
This is what I've copied down during my LSP403 class.
Awesomely meaningful.
Big thank to my lecturer for always be there to teach me , nurture us all the moral values.

As human being , it is important that we acquire some culture and refinement. By cultute , it does not mean knowledge or rich academic experience.

It is important for us to understand that a truly cultured person is not simply a person who has acquired a large body of knowledge.

It is important that we cultivate the qualities we need to fulfill our station and rose in life. This is not something that we achieve through the  pursuit of intellectual knowledge alone.

Remember that your true character manisfests in such things as your language , etiquette , personal clealiness , tidiness and how you do laundry and make your bed.

Everday tasks can be used as a source of ceaseless training. I would like encourage you to acquire the habit of training yourself. Needless to say , it is necessary to receive guidance for others , but it is important for you to take the initiative and train yourself as you go about your daily task in life.

Everybody needs to become and upbright citizens who can make a real contribution toward establishment of the next civilization.