Sunday, January 2, 2011

3rd of Jan 2011
supposed to update by 1st of Jan 2011 but failed!
due to las min decision to KL. :/
forgive me readers!

How was your New Year celebration? I bet you guys did enjoy a lot ya! Mine was wonderful.
I celebrated it with the loved ones. We went to Melaka after I reached KL for few hours. 
During the trip , we just makan-makan & took alot of nice photos.

This is my first time celebrate in other state without clubbin. Kinda special for me.
I saw fireworks in everywhere in Melaka. woohooo!!! 

Alright that's all my lil update. I think this few days I cant update that much anymore. Wanna see the photos?
ON your facebook. 
Shall update after I settle something undone! Have a nice day people :)

New Year , New Life ,  New Underwear , Old Friendship  

                                        havin hot chocolate in such a cold mornin.