Saturday, February 26, 2011

I wanna share something with readers. 
This is what we're having now in DUP A.
AARG Exhibition. Feel free to drop by.

Below are the photos I took during the volunteer's hours!
Hope you all enjoy lookig it. :)

Avoid from being HIV positive! Avoid playboy.
No discrimination against victim of HIV positive.
Treat them equally because they're human beings like us.
Spread this news to your family , friends and people you care. 

Yesterday superb fun , Today extremely tired.
Went clubbin wif interns , Jac , Darryl , Ben , Yueh & KC.

Clubbin? No , you guys didnt see wrong anything in my blog.
Clubbin doesnt mean good girls gone bad.
Clubbin doesnt mean you need to drink alcohol.
Clubbin means what? Google by yourself! :P

You all might think once a girl goes clubbin , image spoilt.
But if you really understand the meaning of clubbin , you might think from another perspective.
I guess not many people can understand. 

This is what I see in life. 
This few days were simple but I did learn a lot.
Previously , I do care what people comment about me. Nowadays , I just relax to be who I wannabe!
Smiley face. 
I think of what I did for everyday before I go to bed. Everyday , we meet different types of people.
I cannot guarantee myself that I can always meet happy & smiley face. Besides this , I also can see lotsa people showing out their emotion easily on their face or action. 
I cannot guarantee myself everyday people praise me to give me courage but I do praise people sometimes.
It is needed. If a praise can make people happy , why not? 

Put yourself in others' shoes.
Why some of the people cant put themselves in others' shoes?
This may train your thinking. I'm not kidding. I learnt from mistake.
If people show you her/his emotional face , how do you feel?
If people trying to do something to make you down , how do you feel?
You feel better if people treat you like this?
I dont think anyone of you can accept.

It is okay if you wanna express your feeling but there're many ways to do it.
There's a sentence stated that : If you're not gay/lesbian , you dont have the rights to discuss it!
I totally agree with this. In our life , just do our part well ! That's enough! But if you feel okay by saying out something without filtering it , at the same time , people see the level of your maturity. 



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A guy caught a genie. Genie was begging him for not killin him and let him go.
Genie promised the guy three wishes if he really let him go.
The guy agreed. 
1st wish : I want my father recover from illness. 
Genie granted for his 1st wish.

2nd wish : I want to be rich and own a big house for my family.
Genie oso granted for 2nd wish.

When it came to the last wish , Genie asked the guy to think properly because it was the last one. 
The guy asked : " Can I have all the happiness? "
Genie didnt do anything but asked him one question again. 
Genie : " Do you really want it? " 
The guy was confused and wondered why Genie didnt want to give him but keep asking questions.
Genie told him : "  If there is no sadness , how you get your happiness? " 
The guy realised and he smiled. 

I read this through google mail. It is useful. There is always a lesson in a story.
Whether you can get it or not , it all depends on yourself.

There's one more thing to share from me to you all.
This is what I've copied down during my LSP403 class.
Awesomely meaningful.
Big thank to my lecturer for always be there to teach me , nurture us all the moral values.

As human being , it is important that we acquire some culture and refinement. By cultute , it does not mean knowledge or rich academic experience.

It is important for us to understand that a truly cultured person is not simply a person who has acquired a large body of knowledge.

It is important that we cultivate the qualities we need to fulfill our station and rose in life. This is not something that we achieve through the  pursuit of intellectual knowledge alone.

Remember that your true character manisfests in such things as your language , etiquette , personal clealiness , tidiness and how you do laundry and make your bed.

Everday tasks can be used as a source of ceaseless training. I would like encourage you to acquire the habit of training yourself. Needless to say , it is necessary to receive guidance for others , but it is important for you to take the initiative and train yourself as you go about your daily task in life.

Everybody needs to become and upbright citizens who can make a real contribution toward establishment of the next civilization.


Friday, February 18, 2011

I feel excited.
I feel effing HIGH.
I feel Tonight is gonna be a good good night!

let's have drumrolls to welcome this event in my blog.




OHSOME right?

is Global Village as I've mentioned many times to my friends and I'm now in charging of publicity and communication with my biatch Yueh Lee together.
Is 19 February 2011
Dont miss it or else you'll regret for the rest of your life. LAUGH.

Through Global Village , you're given the chance to travel the world without using passport.
Those countries we have are Australia , Japan , China , Russia , Vietnam , Egypt , Taiwan and others.
Still hesistating about your attendance? 
Dont think twice! Come and join us tonight. Lotsa fun and prizes are waitin for you to grab them home!

Tickets? We've now. It only costs you RM2. By paying RM2 , not just travelling we provide but costume modelling competition we also have!!! Sounds so awesome?
For more information , you can find us in facebook too.

see ya,
Got this flower from a guy during Valentine's Day :)
Everyone was curious whether is my bf gave to me or not..
The answer is :


My lovely coursemate Victor :D

Have a nice day people.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Chap Goh Mei!
Happy 2nd Valentine
Happy Lempar Limau Day!

LOL. What a B&B day for me! B&B refers to bad and boring day for me.
Received a text from friend stated about an interesting outing unfortunately I couldnt join.
Meeting came to me in a wrong timing and I couldnt absent. What to do?
Stucking in the room doing nothing till now also the same.
 Planning to do something but ended up blogging here.

Tomorrow gonna be a long long day for me.
12.45pm meet Jac. Wondering whats she gonna tell me.
Bad or good? I dont dare to think about it.
Is better not to expect so much...:S

Last night , I chatted with 5 people at the same time.
3 of them asking for advices , another 2 .. I had a nice chat with them.
In our life , many dilemma happen!
 We couldnt avoid but this is the chance we realize that we need to face it.
How to say? It is a process of learning in our life.
You never fall , how you know that you're strong enough to stand up and continue your journey?
By saying here is easy , if it comes to action HOW?
Friendship , Working life , Family , Relationship...
I dont dare to say I'm good enough and even mature enough to handle when problems come.
But one thing I dare to say about myself is I've changed. Something lead me to be a better person.

IF I were still the ME , I would probably have lotsa problems , conflicts..
Couldnt imagine the consequences that I'll face.
For me , university life is very complicated. It just like a small society before we really get into working life.
It is pointless if you posted up your opinion about your friend in social network..
Have you ever thought about the hapiness that you all shared together.. the hardest time that you all passed together..? You ask yourself.
I do think about it and I'll never post this kind of thing. I know some of them did. 
Even the closest friend of mine in uni also posted this kind of thing before. She talked harsh and it is hurt. 
Think before you really wanna express it thru social network. You cant take back your words or sometimes even friendship.
And think that if others do this to you , how do you feel? 
Regarding to this post , I did not point any fingers to anyone. But you feel offense , please leave this blog.

Fate brings us to meet and make friends. It is difficult for you to have a friendship which is no conflicts.
Conflicts make us more understand about our friends.
Treat them like the way you want to be treated. :)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Saturday!
What am I doing now? Rushing another assignments!
Stupid me. Now , I', supposed to run my mission - SHOPPING.
Too bad , assignments came in wrong timing and I've to stay in room facing Facebook , checking mails & assignments.
SICK of repeating ASSIGNMENTS but now wat I've is this!
Oh gosh , send me some entertainment please! I'm begging you. :'(

I ain't a shopaholic but I do spend a lot.
My hobby is shopping and I dont think other girls will hate my hobby because SHOPPING is part of being a girl , lady and woman :)
Agree ? *wink*

I wanna own a big big big big big wardrobe!
I want it completed with the top fashion clothes , top branded bags , attrative high heels , blink blink accesories , watch , purse.... everythin is trendy in it.

Oooopppsss! I'm day dreaming again :/
Ignore me. 
Check this out : SongOfStyle
I bet you girls wanna stick your ass with the chair. :D


Friday, February 11, 2011

2 moviesss in 2 days! Awesome man! 
In such hectic week , tonnes of assignments waiting me to settle.
 I should've pampered myself with something great for my body! So , movie ON.

I love Hong Kong & What Woman Wants never failed to make me laugh.
 Watching movie with a bunch of friends makes me feel warm. :)

2 moviess in 2 dayss N also 2 presents in 1 day.
Am I lucky? I consider myself as the most 'hang fuk' girl in the world. :)

 Received this from a friend from Aman Damai Hostel. Thanks for giving me this.

 And this. Finally I received it from my superb idol , Jhu.
I ordered this before Chinese New Year and now I got it.
Ooopssss.. Theres a lil eiffel tower on the left but it has been covered.
I love this phone cozy damn much. Try to click Paris and see mine on Jhu's blogspot
Wanna order such awesome and creative phone cozy?
Visit Jhu's

Just now I've filtered my friend list and I did delete some of them. 
No offense but I just dont want annoymous to appear on my wall.
I delete them not because they're my enemies but I really dunno them. HAHA.
We're young adolescent , should have known what we supposed to do or not to do.
What are you going to do , talk , act ...
What have you done , talked , acted
Shows ur maturity. If people critize you , accept it with ur heart.
They're purposely to do so but in a better way to make you to be a great person.

My friend asked me : What if they're BITCH ?
p/s : my bestie , I called them as Biatch not BITCH.
I honestly told my friend that there are many BITCHES
 even you've done your part well and din step on their tails!
They never get tired of using their mouth or words to hurt u or let u down.
Since they like to do so much , I told my friend that I also never get tired to make myself to be a great person!
I wanna prove to them that they're wrong and people will change!
I do not need to talk much that I have become how but action speaks.
Why I suddenly said so , because I can see they're still stucked in the circle whc is no exit for their mindset!
If you've time to make yourself look pretty , why dont you spend some time to update your mind? :)

Alright , is 12 Feb 2010. 2 more days will be Valentine Day.
Sour , Sweet , Bitter , Spicy couples , have you all prepared the present for your beloved?
I didnt prepare bcoz I'm going to spend this day with assignments :S
He'll be in Singapore. Hope he enjoy his trip well.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm back to blogger's world! hooraaaayy!!
Currently in DK Foyer studying my French. Later 3pm French test! Superb nervous :/
Hope I pass the test. *godblessme*

Pic above is effing annoying. It's my assignment during Chinese New Year.
Can u imagine that? Chinese New Year also need to rush assignment. wtf.
But there's always something to boost me up :)

Hi Tea @ Secret Recipe with the love ones. U can see my smile :D
How to relax yourself ? Hi Tea with friends and chitchat for many hours is the best damn thing!

CNY MOOD ON! Scroll down to see my lame CNY photos. 
Nothing much photos have been taken due to busy visiting and eating..
Who has time for photo? I'm the victim of obesity right now. 
Chinese New Year cookies & delicious meal make me gained weight..
I should start my daily exercise now.

My lil notty cousin , Nicole.
She said : this is my clothes! =.="

 Feli . Nicole . Daddy

my sista , Blair

Time to stop blogging? Back to study French! 
Happy news for today : Assignment for YKT111 delayed! Cool!
Yesterday WLK pissed me off but today WLK makes me smile :)
I hate her & I love her too. 
p/s : I'm not lessy :P


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I had my reunion dinner with my family and relatives! how about you?
Chinese New Year really a best time for all the Chinese to go back home & have their reunion dinner!
Time for a big big big & warm gathering! :D
Planned to buy Ipod Touch as new year present but dad said better NO. Dad asked me to focus N not to play too much game! ish. :(
My 3 years old cousin also has Iphone but I only have a touch screen phone & Ipod shuffle!
Alright , I should stop complaining! Work perhaps?
Gonna settle my studies & AIESEC stuff first then juz think of working? :)

La la la
Happy Chinese New Year readers!