Friday, July 29, 2011

It is not dead yet.

Pretty much everyone is enjoying their holiday but for me , I HATE HOLIDAY.

I'm bored to the max not because I have nothing to do but it just been too long.

Back from yamcha session with friends , I'd realize one thing. 

I have no boyfriend. 

This seems like normal or you might get bored of it but is actually good question for me.

It makes me speechless.

But honestly to say , I did like a guy because of his MUKA TEMBOK's attitude.

But I guess no chance. 

signin off ,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

 Halo July!
9 more days we're gonna say goodbye to July and welcome August in 2011.

Seriously , time flies like hell without each of us realizing that we're getting old. 
Yeah yeah I know I'm old lady here.

Hows life treating you all? Life is good , it always provide us many unexpected things. Best friend of SURPRISE.

Me stayed at kl for more than one month. Parents'd always call me just to check my condition.
I was a sick cat for the past few weeks. Now almost recover but the left thumb suddenly swelling. :/

Aunt N Uncle from Cameron came to KL. So I followed them go eat and shopping.
@Baskin Robbins , Mid Valley

Happy birthday for everything from their beloved children =)

& Choco Fondue treated by cousin after dinn , thanks!

The next day , I followed my aunt & uncle back to Cameron coz cousin Priscilla came back from Australia.

 The liquor all makes me thirsty. Seokwei is the only person I think of when I saw it.
 Due to the complaint of me being too fat and sick , heres ginger tea. 
I swear I'll never tasted it again. Hates GINGER.

 They said Cameron Highland is the best place to travel but not staying
. Me ended up staying there for a week. Still alive. Makes me look fairer *main point*

Went to Strawberry Park coz uncle thought we were too bored

 me & beloved cousin : Priscilla =)
Slept with her for a week. Pillow talk!
 Is been years I din go to Cameron. When I was still a kid , always go there to celebrate CNY.
But then only KL. So 4months holiday is actually not bad huh.
People in GSC eat caramel popcorn while me was enjoying strawberry flavour popcorn!

Holiday is all about sugary snacks which makes me feel energetic even in sick condition.
Fresh Strawberry Strudel @ RM7.90. Worth to eat.   

Do you still remember this brand? Tim Tam.
Not in Malaysia. is from Australia. 
Yum yum eating while watching astro AFC channel 703

Columbia soup as breakfast by cousin Pris :) 
I bet shes gonna be a good wife in future. 

If you went to Cameron but did not go to the farm , it is wasted. 
But due to some reason , you can only take photo on the way up to Brinchang. 
Mostly all the farms in Cameron are private. Only farmers and those related are allowed.
And yeah , I got the chance!
 Can you see the road? Sit properly in the lorry or else ur ass PAIN. 
 Long bean :D
 GREEN. Thanks uncle for bringing me go around all the farms :)
 Only experienced drivers are good in handling it. 

 After received all the stock , we all back to home for dinner.
Goodbye green green world. 

Prawn wantan. Thumbs up!
The boss of the shop very close to my aunt so she actually gave us a lot when we were having breakfast there. Thaankiuuu!

Last but not least , I had Starbucks in Cameron too. Really addicted to it.
No choice but just loving it too much. 

My holiday , My precious moment in life.