Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm hurt. My tears keep dropping.
No one understand what I'm thinking about.
I couldn't find it in my dictionary. I think it has disappeared.
For the very first time , first morning , I feel myself so weak.
I cant fly :'(
Behind my smile , there are many tears.
Can you see it? 
I always bring hapiness to others , this time I wan some of them.
Can anyone of you gimme?

Assignments , organisation stuff all come to me at once , I can handle.
He comes to me , I turned myself from strong to weak.
This shouldn't happen. 

他的輕狂留在 某一節車廂
地下鐵裡的風 比回憶還重
對他唯一遺憾 是分手那天
我奔騰的眼淚 都停不下來
若那一刻重來 我不哭

我愛他 轟轟烈烈最瘋狂
我 的夢 狠狠碎過卻不會忘
曾為他 相信明天就是未來
情節有多壞 都不肯醒來
我愛他 跌跌撞撞到絕望
我的心 深深傷過卻不會忘
我和他 不再屬於這個地方
最初的天堂 最終的荒唐
如果還有遺憾 又怎麼樣呢
傷了痛了懂 了 就能好了嗎
我愛他 轟轟烈烈最瘋狂
我 的夢 狠狠碎過卻不會忘
逃 不開 愛越深越互相傷害
越深的依賴 越多的空白 該怎麼去愛
如果還有遺憾 是分手那天
我奔騰的眼淚 都停不下來
若那一刻重來 我不哭
is me?
Bonjour! Commet allez vous?
Is TGI Friday again...
Now my heart beating so fast.. heart attack soon?

Alright, I should stop crapping here. Back to my so-paris blog now.
Nowadays the weather is not so good , readers muz rmb to drink gallen of water and take good care!
This few days , Paris is kinda moody.

So off to TIC TAC TOE. It is a nice place to relax yourself.

lotsa magazines and comics can be found at here. Come and spend ur time if you're free! :)

Chocolate milk tea!!! thanks Teng for making me this. :)
Chocolate milk tea is not enough to cheer me up!
thanks Ben for teachin me. I'm a dumb. :s

For now , I only wish I could pass my EGM and go further!
Wish me luck for tomorrow Election.

feel like having all for now to boost my energy up.

bonne journee