Monday, August 1, 2011


Where do you share your feelings , photos and some unforgettable memories?

Facebook , Tumblr , Blogging or more than 3 of them?

I choose to keep and refresh them everyday in my heart. No one can press DELETE. 

Life is short so dont make it short even you've the chance to live longer by enjoying the precious the loves one.

This few days , mom keep sticking to the phone. 
As I tweet before , one of her best friend who came back from Ireland met accident and now only awake from comma.

We'll never know what will happen by tomorrow. Why wanna let little matters influence our whole day mood? Chill la as our friends always say to us.

For me , nothing is great enough to make me angry. Just so you know my hobby is loud laughing!

Before counting sheep. LOL

Big thumb swollen after nose stop bleeding. Damn!

The following days which are 23rd and 24th attended Career Summit for Future Malaysia Leaders 2011
@ Pan Pacific Hotel , KLIA

I bet you never heard of it. Organised by Universiti Teknologi Petronas. :)

One of the speaker : Jason Jonathan Lo - CEO of TuneTalk
Needless to say , he made us awake from the talk! Thank god!

She's HAWT! Guess who?! HANNAH TAN.
Most of the participants said she inspired them!
I only inspired by her hardworking style :)

Met this cute guy in the summit. Pohvin! 
I called him Pooh Bear :P
Thanks for asking me to take a ride with you. 

Rest for a day and received email from Christine regarding intern.
Woke up damn early and off to KLIA for intern servicing.

Dang dang dang! She arrived in Malaysia safely. 

YO! No more pics do talk session! LOL.
NIPS for me on the way back to hometown!
Start from end of May till end of July , me fly here N travel there non stop.

Time to settle down and earn more money for next semester.
I got myself a job and please remind yourself I'm not a lazy cat but I love enjoy being miserable.

FYI , I started to keep my profile low. LAUGH OUT LOUD as you want.