Saturday, February 26, 2011

I wanna share something with readers. 
This is what we're having now in DUP A.
AARG Exhibition. Feel free to drop by.

Below are the photos I took during the volunteer's hours!
Hope you all enjoy lookig it. :)

Avoid from being HIV positive! Avoid playboy.
No discrimination against victim of HIV positive.
Treat them equally because they're human beings like us.
Spread this news to your family , friends and people you care. 

Yesterday superb fun , Today extremely tired.
Went clubbin wif interns , Jac , Darryl , Ben , Yueh & KC.

Clubbin? No , you guys didnt see wrong anything in my blog.
Clubbin doesnt mean good girls gone bad.
Clubbin doesnt mean you need to drink alcohol.
Clubbin means what? Google by yourself! :P

You all might think once a girl goes clubbin , image spoilt.
But if you really understand the meaning of clubbin , you might think from another perspective.
I guess not many people can understand. 

This is what I see in life. 
This few days were simple but I did learn a lot.
Previously , I do care what people comment about me. Nowadays , I just relax to be who I wannabe!
Smiley face. 
I think of what I did for everyday before I go to bed. Everyday , we meet different types of people.
I cannot guarantee myself that I can always meet happy & smiley face. Besides this , I also can see lotsa people showing out their emotion easily on their face or action. 
I cannot guarantee myself everyday people praise me to give me courage but I do praise people sometimes.
It is needed. If a praise can make people happy , why not? 

Put yourself in others' shoes.
Why some of the people cant put themselves in others' shoes?
This may train your thinking. I'm not kidding. I learnt from mistake.
If people show you her/his emotional face , how do you feel?
If people trying to do something to make you down , how do you feel?
You feel better if people treat you like this?
I dont think anyone of you can accept.

It is okay if you wanna express your feeling but there're many ways to do it.
There's a sentence stated that : If you're not gay/lesbian , you dont have the rights to discuss it!
I totally agree with this. In our life , just do our part well ! That's enough! But if you feel okay by saying out something without filtering it , at the same time , people see the level of your maturity.