Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Chap Goh Mei!
Happy 2nd Valentine
Happy Lempar Limau Day!

LOL. What a B&B day for me! B&B refers to bad and boring day for me.
Received a text from friend stated about an interesting outing unfortunately I couldnt join.
Meeting came to me in a wrong timing and I couldnt absent. What to do?
Stucking in the room doing nothing till now also the same.
 Planning to do something but ended up blogging here.

Tomorrow gonna be a long long day for me.
12.45pm meet Jac. Wondering whats she gonna tell me.
Bad or good? I dont dare to think about it.
Is better not to expect so much...:S

Last night , I chatted with 5 people at the same time.
3 of them asking for advices , another 2 .. I had a nice chat with them.
In our life , many dilemma happen!
 We couldnt avoid but this is the chance we realize that we need to face it.
How to say? It is a process of learning in our life.
You never fall , how you know that you're strong enough to stand up and continue your journey?
By saying here is easy , if it comes to action HOW?
Friendship , Working life , Family , Relationship...
I dont dare to say I'm good enough and even mature enough to handle when problems come.
But one thing I dare to say about myself is I've changed. Something lead me to be a better person.

IF I were still the ME , I would probably have lotsa problems , conflicts..
Couldnt imagine the consequences that I'll face.
For me , university life is very complicated. It just like a small society before we really get into working life.
It is pointless if you posted up your opinion about your friend in social network..
Have you ever thought about the hapiness that you all shared together.. the hardest time that you all passed together..? You ask yourself.
I do think about it and I'll never post this kind of thing. I know some of them did. 
Even the closest friend of mine in uni also posted this kind of thing before. She talked harsh and it is hurt. 
Think before you really wanna express it thru social network. You cant take back your words or sometimes even friendship.
And think that if others do this to you , how do you feel? 
Regarding to this post , I did not point any fingers to anyone. But you feel offense , please leave this blog.

Fate brings us to meet and make friends. It is difficult for you to have a friendship which is no conflicts.
Conflicts make us more understand about our friends.
Treat them like the way you want to be treated. :)