Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Charles & Keith
my new love 
Sorry guys for abandonin my blog for so looooong!
L.O.V.E event just over! Glad to see so many volunteers to be there for free hugssss*
I was one of the huggers. :)
Lotsa communities were there.
 This is the chance for us to know more and concern about things happen around.

I know now is only 10.42pm. I should stay awake instead of sleeping there.
After taken 30mins power nap , im still sleepy. I need more rest seriously.

Now let's see what I've been done for last weekend!

Taylor's Lakeside University 

When you first entered there , your mind sure will come out with 2 sentences.
" I dont think this is an university!"
" It looks like shopping mall more than university."
I might outdated a bit becoz I'm studying in local uni but not such uni!
Now I know why the fees of entering private universities so expensive! :)

MCVP election @ Taylor's

Congratulations to Jessica Loi , Wilson Ng Wai Soon , Guo Zhang & Omar ! They passed the election!

After done election , we off to Bel Pasto to have our dinner!

 highly recommended by lovely couple : Ben & Teng! Tiramisu
2 thumbs up!! :D

What was our supper after a heavy dinner?

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