Monday, March 28, 2011

New iPod touch case!
I got this from Gurney Plaza. Cute?


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today was a fairytale.

Wondering why? I should say today is a brand new day for me.
Team day. Brand new day. Forget about the past.

I feel super duper lucky and my mom agreed with me too.
I'd always have a bunch of awesome people around me. I'd always get what I din expect. 
Is totally awesome. For me , dont expect too much , you might have lotsa of happiness. 

NCR Team Day is a wonderful day that I cant use other words to describe it.
Nonono, not my grammar not good but I just wanna it to be simple and best in my blog.
In life , there are many passer-by that you may know them or not but this bunch of people that I know is definitely not a passer-by but a bunch of people who really understand and sincere to each others.
My purpose is not praising them or show you guys how lucky I have but they're seriously a bunch of people who you can be friend with.
Have you found someone like them? I would say I did!!!

Yeeleng - my ah ma aka my Vice President. She is a lady who always show off her cuteness , HAHA.
She is a leader that I admire the most. Not to gosok kasut but is sincere from bottom of heart. She'll never show off her great experience or simply apply any theory on us. She'll talk to us nicely and never force us in doing things even we made mistakes.

Jac & Wilson - best managers won by you guys.Through LOVE & BUDAYA , we clearly see you guys effort. Is pretty awesome. You guys really made USM-ers know about us. I mean AIESEC. Never show off yourself as leader but who willing to work with members together. Really touched to see you guys did that to members. Support you guys in doing anything.

SzeErn - the most quiet one , never try potrait herself out of how much she can do well but a girl who willing to learn and actually can lead in a team! I have faith in her since the first time we met. Friendly and blur!
Her blurness wont involve in working style but her look. Mayb this attracts me to bully her more.
Honestly , she is a gal who can shine from this moment and even future.

Irene & Yean Chieh - one living in her own world ( Malay pop) & a future singer. Both of them never failed to make us laugh with their own LAME & COLD jokes. What can I say? Pakailah jacket sebelum berjumpa dengan mereka! They can make you sweat till you die! LOL

Ocean Xueshuang & Pax : Both of them best friend ever I think?Yeah! Both of them are fast learners in anything. Friendly , rasional , smart! Dont fly when you 2 see this. Patience is their strength too! I dont need to say much abt you 2. You get what I mean right?

Momoco Waiyee : Good listener. A gal who same Szeern willing to learn and is a real person. Never try to pretend how well she is but obviously she is a kind and efficient gal! Always consider about others in doing things and cares friends the most. Her polite attitude really amazed me. 

Lawrence - great leader. Always care members as well. Patience and friendly are in him. Once you work with him , you feel relax and happy too. No stress will be given. His maturity level is much more higher than other seniors that I met before.

Jiamei - Welcome your attendance to NCR department. Shes actually an active and talkative gal. She has lotsa topic to prolong the conversation. Pay ur concentration on her , you guys might figure out something special from her. She is a good team mate. Diam diam ubi berisi. :D

Hani - funnay gal. An open-minded Malay teammate I have in NCR. Good to have you. Helpful the most , once interns need anythg , she gives quick response! Clap Clap Clap! Thanks Hani ofor being so helpful. Hope you can stay active like present. 

Haibo , Jingwen & Jingwen's bf  - Welcome to NCR. Glad to have active members like you guys. Hope you guys did enjoy the team day as well. 

Well , that's all about my team. Being polite is important than how your daily fashion look.
No matter how tidy or clean you're , once your attitude wrong , ur fashion look doesnt help.
I might say SCREW YOU. I did face few impolite people in this few days but it didnt influence me right after 
Seokwei , one of my best friend in uni told me that : "Paris , you still have lotsa awesome people around you!"
Yeah. Thanks to your words. I've still have a lot. :)

Friendship doesnt count how long you be friend with someone , but it does count those who be ur friends and never left. 

Dont dare to tell me how good you're , how good you can potrait yourself because your words and attitude show!


Can we have a continous team day after this 1st of April? I dont want to stop it. Pleaseeee.
You guys mean a lot to me 

Save me in your friend list if you love me.
Follow me in twitter if you sincerely wanna talk with me.
Text me once if you really treat me as your friends.
No money to eat , find me! I think you can treat me eat next time.
Always stay with me , I'll be your company along the journey.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hohhohohohohho! is Wednesday! Tomorrow is Thursday. 
Gonna spend my morning attend to USM HIV/AIDS workshop!

Look at the pics above , taken during WUS expo!
My team sold the clothes which wont be outdated and we follow the trend! :)
We got stock from Sungai Ujong in Penang which located near to Prangin Mall nia.
Thanks to my groupmate Jayslyn who fetch me and we did get a good retailer after asked so many shops around there.
We took 28clothes and 20 out of 28 have been sold out!
One word : UNTUNG!

During this WUS expo , I think whole group learnt the skill of how to negotiate with customers!
There were lotsa customers trying their best to get low price and we also trying our best to give them an affordable price. 
Besides this , conflicts sure happen during work. This cant be avoided , what we do is try to tolerate but some just cant contribute and understand. What can we do?
Hope they know the mistake and this doesnt mean blaming but we try to improve ourselves together!
Do not comment when you dont even wanna contribute to groups. This is the weakness I see and hope there's some improvement will be done. 
No offense against who but really must know our own weakness because your strengths might be your weakness sometimes.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Sending my warm regard to Japan. Hope the citizens are fine. God bless them!
As you all knew that Tokyo faced earthquake n tsunami at the same time but this brings a good impact to Malaysia.
Why I said that? Dont misunderstand my meaning. Have u read the article about the citizens?
Their moral value , attitude..
I dont want to say much but you should know by now.
Go grab newspaper or read online news to get more information.
I totally respect them and I feel sad for those who said Japan deserved such disaster. 
It is hurt to hear that. :(

I feel lucky because I did not face such big disaster and this makes me learn to appreciate those around.
No shit in life. Go away plssss! *if u feel free to list urself as shit , dun blame me*

Alright , let's see what I've done for a sunny Sunday! <3
Went to Queensbay after felt sick to de books.
Took rapid304 to Queensbay , on the way to there , I think all de bus passengers did scold vulgar words.
Even me too. Know why? The bus driver did not know to drive!
Almost to have 2 accidents! dang! >.<
Well , I din blame much on him coz some of the reckless driver too!
Reached Queensbay safely and bought BLACK SWAN ticket!
Went into the cinema , the movie is BEASTLY!
WTF! Everyone was complaining. After 10mins , BLACK SWAN ON!
Thank god. And I announced my Sunday as a dramatic day that I've ever had!

Shopaholic wannabe after movie.
Bought 2 singlets from P&Co. Cheap!
Then a pair of VINCCI high heels as a shopping gift for myself.
Not enough ??! Get myself a sweet & soft pillow from AKEMI.

70% discount. How you gonna say NO?!

Groceries hunt after that! Grab some healthy food for myself.
KoKoKrunch & Campbell Mushroom with Pasta instant soup!
Love shopping & groceries hunt. :)

You can see the smile on my face. Happy? Yeah!

At night chat with Wilson & Waiyee.Never thought 3 of us can have such a long chat in my life.
Thanks New York for the Sundae cone! Really have a nice chat with U & Waiyee.

Not to forget : dad&mom , I miss you <3


Saturday, March 12, 2011

I felt so sorry for always abandoning my blog. 
Sorry readers. 

Now wana have a lil update.
Today is LC USM EGM. 
There are 2 candidates who are brave enough and prepared well for their future journey.
Glad to see that. 
Congratulations to Gan Merlin ( my previous make-up artist ) that she managed to get herself go for another step! Interview! 

Hoooray! Hope shes enjoying her team day now.
Back from Seoul Garden. 
Brunch & Dinner combined in this Seoul Garden meal.
I feel so damn full now until I dont wanna move my ass. LOL.

No photos taken during having meal but for me it doesnt matter as long as we all together happily.
Without photos , we still feel warm to each other. Lotsa of joes from Ocean after meal , really made us LOL.
And the 'best' chef in Penang : Pax Tan cooked her homecook maggie in Seoul Garden really made our expression gone weird like nobody business!
No more next time! haha.

Alright. Tat's all for today. Gonna go to weddin shop again on Monday. Another shooting coming soon!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yesterday was a superb happy day. 
Get praised by others that our team only 1st year but can did well for the WUS Expo!
Thanks. We'll keep this up. Well done is given to my group mates for making this expo well although during making decision had a lot of problems but no quarrel at all. Happy to see the level of maturity respectively from each of you. 

Nothing much to learn during WUS Expo but managed to earn money and cover up our sweets which did not  allow to sell. Wtf. 
After WUS Expo , 8pm OGX transitioning with Jess Loi at Starbucks.

Look at the pic above. :)
I dont really like the katest logo of Starbucks. Look sux. Prefer the old one. 

kay. Get back to my assignment before 5am. Gosh. Another sleepless night to be.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Out of sudden , I miss my daddy.

Facing the lappie , assignments , readings and bunch of people who always tagged together , I miss HIM.

HIM = my daddy.

When I haven't get into university , I'd always spend my time with him. 
We go supper together no matter how late or even mummy scolds or not allow me.
We watch idiot box together and comment a lot.
We laugh at our mummy when she keep changing clothes before going out for dinner.
We bluff our sista that there is money on floor so that we can laugh for a while.
We go to beach after dinner.
We celebrate festival or birthday together.
We wait for each other if one of us havent come from yamcha.
I text him , he calls. *save my phone credit*

My daddy is not a professional but a mechanic.
What he did is he always try his best to fulfill what we need. Never say NO.
From the day I came to this world till now , he is the one I respect and sayang the most.
Not because he didnt scold me or watever , he did scold me but is in a better way.
Although I'm the most independent compared to my sis , but still I'm the one he worry the most.
He always worry that I forget my meals , not enough money to use..
Actually I also worry about him because he always go out yamcha with fren till very late.
I worry about his health although he already stopped smoking. 
No beer , No smoking. He managed to stop both.

He never talk with us by showing his unhappy or high tone. I mean he always talk with us like advising us.
He knows the way to talk to me so I'll listen to him.
He wont simply use his own theory to force me to listen but I did meet some of these people in university.
He understands me well and he allows me to do what I like.

Everyone thinks their daddy is the best , so do I.

Daddy , I miss you. Can you always call me arr?
Miss his voice , miss his advices , never talk bullshit or even force me to hear.

I love my daddy.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

la la la lal!
in a very good mood right now!
Done my assignment , but still have one more to go!
I gonna refill petrol again for myself. 

This few days are very difficult to go through but I'm happy and totally enjoy with!
Went to Kek Lok Si ( Penang famous temple ) for photoshooting. 
Then the next day was Runway Show. 

A thousand thank to my professional make-up artist Merlin. Without her , I might not look like Princess. LOL

Here are some photos which taken during photoshooting & Runway Show. 
Hope you guys enjoy viewing them. =)

 Ace , Paris & Seline :)

 our professional make-up artist Merlin. thank you Merlin.

 Partner of the day : Ken Ooi. He is a model.

 John Tan & his partner , Seline Teh.

 cutest couple of the day : Ace & Edison aka sao ye 

 Berbisik-bisik in temple.

 so lovely ^^


Not going to post all photos up here. 
If you wanna view more , click 【喜俏兔年】.