Sunday, January 9, 2011

really wanna bomb myself now.
rushing 2 assignments + 2 presentation + speech + questionss 
wish me luck people! 

 New Year pressie from Joee :)

Congratulations! I got an award =D
my biatch Hong Q

pressie from AIESEC. Contribution award

We did 360 degree after GT0.
Through this 360 degree session , I can feel that we know each other better. 
Non-corporate relation GO GO GO! 
thanks for the compliments and critics. 
Glad to hear everyone's comment about myself.
Playful but still know how to differentiate whens the time to work and study!

Limited edition :)
bought this on de way back to hostel but seriously I've no time to read it.
gonna put it aside 1st. :(
No more Seventeen , time to CLEO.
Grow up people!